By John Montone

By John Montone, 1010 WINS

The things we do for…WINS.  The things we do for…WINS.

I have received many a missive over the years from former listeners of 1010 WINS who moved out of the New York area and began pining for the radio voice of their home town. In the days before the Internet, folks would write of how they would pick up our signal after dark.  But most had to do without the familiar teletype and 24-7 news coverage of the great city they had left behind.  On visits, they would tell me of how they heard 1010 WINS in the taxi from JFK or LaGuardia and immediately felt at home.

With the advent of the online stream, former New Yorkers were reunited with us. They would tune in at home and in the office. And as technology has improved we have become as mobile a thousand miles from Manhattan as we are here.  There are smart phone apps and Internet radio, one of which has allowed Israel Kass to listen on the run.

Kass writes, “In the years 1960-1968 I was a foreign student from Israel in New York.”  He recalls the, “1965 Big October blackout where only WINS updated what was happening.”  Israel Kass writes, “I fell in love with WINS.”  When he visits New York, Kass claims WINS is his first favorite, even before he buys a triple-decker deli sandwich.

And so living in Israel, Kass would listen at his PC while searching for a way to bring us into his car. And then while in the UK he writes, “I found a wonderful Revo Mondo converter, installed a HotSpot in my car, took my dashboard apart,” and with cables all over the front seat…” I installed it as if it was made for my Volvo.”

These days Kass keeps another Internet radio tuned to 1010 WINS right next to his bed.  And he concludes, “I am attaching some photos taken just for you (photos of the gutted dashboard and all those wires) to thank you for bringing good memories from my U.S. years.  You can use my story anytime you wish.”

The things we do for WINS.

John Montone.

Be well.

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