NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Demonstrators gathered in Manhattan Saturday to protest all forms of amnesty for illegal immigrants.

The rally was held outside the United Nations headquarters as part of a coordinated national day of protesting against immigration reform, amnesty and the recent border control crisis in cities across the country, CBS 2 reported.

Immigration control advocates said they see nothing wrong with the immigration process the way it is now.

“I’ve been through the process, it works just fine,” said Astoria, Queens resident Brad Morris. “It costs money and it takes time. If these people want to come here, they have to submit to the same process.”

Others argue the current problem with thousands of immigrant children crossing illegally into the U.S. shows how badly reform is needed.

“The process doesn’t work. They wouldn’t be crossing the border the way they are if we had a policy that meets the needs of the people in Latin America,” said West Harlem resident Stephen Durham.

Pro-immigration reform demonstrators set up across the street from Saturday’s rally.

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