We’re always interested when a new pizza truck shows up on the NYC streets. A pizza oven can easily be put into a truck, as proven by Eddie’s, Valducci’s, Neapolitan Express and a few others. With the technical issues not a problem, how does Brooklyn’s Grandma Pizza stack up against the others?

While we do not know the origins of Grandma-style pizza, it is rectangular like Sicilian, but the crust is closer to a regular slice in terms of thickness. There is generally less sauce and cheese on a Grandma slice than on regular pizza slices, too.

The menu at Brooklyn’s Grandma Pizza has slices of regular ($3.50), white ($4), and specialty slices ($4.50), as well as a Daily Special with 2 slices and a beverage for $10.

If you want to order a whole pie, there are a dozen different choices in the $25-32 range.

We ordered what we usually order in a pizzeria, one regular slice and one white slice.

Starting with the white pizza, there was plenty of mozzarella and ricotta cheese on the slice. There wasn’t quite as much ricotta cheese as on the white pie from our favorite pizzeria, but it was a respectable amount. The mozzarella was cooked to a nice golden brown, and a little oregano was sprinkled around, adding a little herby flavoring.

(credit: Perry R.)

(credit: Perry R.)

The crust was somewhat crisp, and not chewy. It was also cooked to a golden brown color, and was pretty good as pizza crusts go.

The regular slice had a diagonal thing going on, with alternating thick strips of sauce and cheese, with a little oregano included on both parts.

It was a bit strange having one bite with tomato sauce, then one bite without. We’re used to more tomato sauce on our pizza, but there was enough to satisfy.

We can recommend Brooklyn’s Grandma Pizza if you like that style of pizza. In the first few weeks they were open, some people were grousing about the small size of the slices, but the owners must have read the reviews and adjusted the size of the slices. We thought they were average-size slices.

You can find Brooklyn’s Grandma Pizza on Twitter here, Facebook is here, and their website is here. As real Italian grandma’s say, “mangia”.

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