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Miss America herself, Nina Davuluri, stopped by the Allstate Studio to deliver some Dairy Queen and sit down with Boomer and Craig to talk about her reign.

The lovely Nina was born in Syracuse back in 1989, a year after Boomer played in the Super Bowl, which Craig was sure to point out. So she still considers herself a New Yorker.

During her visit, Craig deemed it a good time to give Boomer a gift, a revolutionary pair of underwear that cost about $100 a pair and ‘have a special place for your junk,’ as Craig so eloquently put it.

All in all I think the visit went well.

We learned a little something about what goes in to being Miss America — Nina’s reign ends September 14, at which time a new Miss America will be crowned. We also learned that she did ‘rock a one piece’ for the swimsuit competition, her ‘celebrity crush’ is Mindy Kaling and despite never bench pressing, is confident that she could bench between 45-60 pounds.

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