By 1010 WINS’ Larry Mullins

WINS Family have you ever visited with a person who had so much energy, so much enthusiasm and had done “so much” in their lives, that you walked away thinking, “what in the heck have I been doing all these years”. And let me qualify it further; a person who is barely 30 years old??!!!

I met Lauren Maillian-Bias today. OMG! I have to admit, when my producer Sharon Barnes-Waters told me about her, (as a candidate for our Black History Profiles on 1010WINS), I thought I was in for a much older, (politically correct “mature-looking”) woman, steeped in generations of knowledge and experiences.

Well the latter was actually true (you know how they say some kids have the spirit of an “old soul” in them). But the tall skinny little girl who came bouncing out for the interview shocked me! Okay, okay…(I won’t be a hater), she looked like a reed-thin model, straight off the pages of Vogue.

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And when you talk with her, Lauren Maillian-Bias makes it apparent that she “came out of the womb” with a business plan in her hand. At 19, she started a business in Monticello, Virginia (a vineyard, which actually became an award-winning winery). Can you believe it? She wasn’t even old enough (when it started) to taste the wines she produced. And all this, while studying “international studies” in college.

I was impressed. And now I know why Sharon picked her. People sometimes ask, why do we feature “young people” for our Black “history” profiles. It’s because we sometimes like to feature “historians in the making”…living legends…and especially when they show traits (early on) that what they’re doing is historic. Washington even thinks so; Maillian-Bias was honored at the White House, as one of the elite “100 Promising Entrepreneurs Under 30”. And never mind that she also has board associations here in New York with the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The New York and National Urban League, and a 2014 “Young Leadership” recipient.

Web Extra:

Maillian-Bias became the country’s youngest winery owner for her time; “and” she happens to be an African-American and a woman.

Today, she operates Luxury Market Branding, which is a tremendous feat in itself, advising, guiding and “growing” other people’s businesses. And the biggest job of all, is raising two small kids (with the help of mom and other family members) at her home in Harlem.

I can’t get her byline out of my head: I’m always in beta, always starting, and trying to develop a “better me” every single day. Wow. It’s in her book, (which has all-star credits riddled throughout from some of the biggest names in business) entitled “The Path Redefined; Getting to the top on your own terms”.

You go Lauren! With that old crazy laugh. Actually…her girlish laugh is the only thing that reminds you, that she’s human. Otherwise, to hear and see her business acumen, this young woman is NOT from this planet; she’s out of this world!

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