Tourists In Search Of Clinton Homestead Prompt Traffic Restrictions In New Castle

CHAPPAQUA, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — The road to the White House has caused traffic concerns in Chappaqua.

Now, the local police are taking action to keep sightseers at bay.

As CBS2’s Lou Young reported, sightseers have been driving to the end of Old House Lane — a Chappaqua cul de sac — for 16 years to glimpse a white fence, guard house, and recently a ‘Hillary for President’ sign in front of the Clinton home.

“We were in the area and I figured we might as well see where Chappaqua is and see what the residence looks like,” one visitor said.

It’s been the case in town since the Clintons moved in, but the coming presidential election has heightened interest in the Clinton homestead again and the town has put new traffic restrictions into effect to check it.

“We’re asking people to really stop going down there, because there’s nothing to see. There’s like four other houses on the street and everybody’s doing u-turns in their driveway. They’re kinda getting upset,” said New Castle Police Lt. John Viza.

Trump has a similar situation, but his home is in a glass tower that can satisfy tourists with a quick selfie along Fifth Avenue.

Hillary’s home is in a neighborhood that now includes jersey barriers, secret service warning signs, and neighbors who wonder what life will be like a few months from now.

Helen Jonson lives nearby and contributed to a book about Hillary called ‘Love Her, Love Her Not,’ appropriate because there is ambivalence.

She remembers what it was like in Bill Clinton’s last year in office.

“There were motorcades, there was high security. Sometimes our main road was closed off, so we’re wondering what is going to happen,” she said.

Clintone passed by behind smoked motorcade glass while CBS2’s cameras were on the scene. Tourists who came to see the house didn’t even realize it was her. There literally is nothing to see here.

The town of North Castle Police have their hands full with political residents. Not only do the Clintons live in that part of Westchester, so does Gov. Andrew Cuomo whose Mount Kisco address puts him just inside the town’s northern border.



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  1. Eagle in NYC says:

    Good to see that Her Majesty is well-protected by her high WALL and ARMED Secret Service agents. (All taxpayer-paid.)

    Too bad Her Highness won’t deign to allow us poor serfs a border wall to protect ALL the citizens and the God-given, Second Amendment-enshrined RIGHT to armed self-defense.

    A WALL and GUNS = good for Hillary

    A WALL and GUNS = bad for the second class taxpayers

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