NYPD: 85-Year-Old Woman In Wheelchair Robbed In The Bronx

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Police said an 85-year-old woman in a wheelchair had her purse stolen in the Bronx.

The incident, which happened around 2:15 p.m. Sunday, was captured on surveillance video.

The elderly victim, Bernice Starnes, was sitting in her wheelchair in the area of East 179th Street and Marmion Avenue. That’s when Starnes said a woman walked up and the two began chatting.

“She said ‘Hello’ and then we said, ‘It’s a beautiful day.’ She said, ‘It sure is,’ and that’s when she grabbed my bag and ran down the street,” Starnes said.

Police said the suspect was seen on video snatching the bag and taking off. The purse contained cash and a bank card, police said.

“She grab my pocketbook and I said, ‘Bring my pocketbook back here,’ so I tried to get out of my wheelchair to try to run after her,” Starnes said.

The suspect is also seen on surveillance video throwing something into a garbage can.

Starnes is described by her neighbors as a nice person who they refer to as grandma or Miss Lady. They said she lives alone and can often be seen sitting outside her apartment building smoking cigarettes, but that many in the building pitch in to help her.

“People in the building help her,” neighbor Tarsha Stallworth told CBS2’s Scott Rapoport. “When she wants to get downstairs or if she needs a store run. She doesn’t deserve that at all.”

“I see this lady every morning,” neighbor Melissa Mayo told 1010 WINS’ Sonia Rincon. “She’s out here, she says hi to people, she doesn’t bother anybody. She keeps to herself so when I heard it this morning on the news, it really hurt me a lot.”

The incident was reminiscent of an unrelated robbery last week when police said surveillance video captured a man allegedly stealing $600 from an elderly woman’s bra and she sat in a wheelchair in East Harlem.

The suspect in that case was later arrested and charged.

Late Monday morning, Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said there is not a spike in crimes against the elderly.

“The public gets outraged about that, and appropriately so,” he said. “But on the positive side, it really does bring the public forward, helping us to find these people.”

Monday morning, officers from the 48th precinct paid Starnes a visit along with a donation of $130 to help offset the money taken from her and to let her know people care.

“Rest assured, we’re gonna catch her,” one officer said.

For Starnes, the gesture brought her to tears.

“That’s why they’re New York’s best,” she said.

Police described the suspect as a black woman, about 5-foot-6 and 240 pounds.

Anyone with information is asked to call the NYPD’s Crime Stoppers Hotline at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477) or for Spanish, 1-888-57-PISTA (74782), visit www.nypdcrimestoppers.com or text tips to 274637 (CRIMES) then enter TIP577.


One Comment

  1. Skipper says:

    Another child of color getting their fair share.

  2. Nealboy2 says:

    The Bronx? No! Who would have thought this would happen there? It happened in New Orleans on a big scale. A long line of old ladies in wheel chairs being evacuated from a nursing home. But it didn’t make the news.

  3. Sutpen says:

    Sisterhood is powerful.

  4. Chris Long says:

    C’mon New Yorkers ! Do one of those wonderful good deeds New Yorkers do that leave us scratching our heads !

    Take up a collection and raise a pile of cash for her !

  5. Denny says:

    At least the “animal” had sense to look for the header pipes and maybe a 283 cu in in the back. Grandma might have come running after her. Go Granny Go.

  6. common_sense says:

    BLM to everyone but Bs.

  7. Jabber Joe says:

    Robbing the elderly of your own race?
    It must be a BLM thing.
    I’m white, so I will never understand, and never want to.

    1. US Patriot says:

      What a world we live in today…. When I was growing up someone would have stopped (and pummeled) the thief. Anyone that much of low life, they do not deserve to be in our society, regardless of age, race, etc.

  8. The Facts says:

    Typical water buffalo.

  9. Irish says:

    We can sit here and wish all kinds of terrible things on this rotten, evil woman and there’s no need to. I’d hate to be in her shoes when she takes her last breath.

  10. Kate says:

    Thanks and kudos to my extended family of the long blue line at the 48th Pct. Mrs. Starnes is lucky to have so many people care about her. Hang in the Mrs. Starnes. Community watch groups should consider themselves deputized. Assault & battery on anyone over 60 should be a serious level felony charge, in addition to the theft. The perp should face a trial similar to what the native people of many cultures would have held for those who committed offenses against the elders among them. Apache, Viking, Iroquois, all had very little problem with recidivism. Perp’s attorney & family should spare us the usual jive heard at arraignments.

  11. Jim Morrison says:

    All the cops in the City were escorting and stopping traffic for Hillary to get home after she got sick and collapsed yetserday

  12. textee says:

    Anybody want to bet a penny that the vile, worthless thief is an enthusiastic supporter of Hillary Clinton and voted for Obama?

  13. Vincent says:

    They irony is that this truly DEPLORABLE thief is probably a Hillary supporter.

  14. Silas Perry says:

    From the looks of it that’s probably the only exercise that woman thief has seen in a LONNNNNNNG Time!

  15. Mike Arvand says:

    another one of obamas kids involved! no way.

    only an idiot or a newborn didn’t already know that before the page loaded.

  16. Frank Muller says:

    Search YT for Colin Flaherty. He’s the only one in the country exposing bbllaacckk on white crime.

  17. Yep. I knew it.

    Sheb00n on the loose. Hope they catch and execute it quickly.

  18. Frank Muller says:

    The word “bb ll aa cckk” is being censored. PC has got to go.

  19. Joe Aguilar says:

    Yes. WE all knew. So, what (if anything) are we going to do about it?

  20. Frank Muller says:

    President Trump will restore law and order.

  21. Randy Orvis says:

    Fat lazy entitled cow no surprizes here

  22. Hiram Floss says:

    yet another assumption verified

  23. Gamera says:

    Yup….I knew, you knew, everyone knew.

  24. JoeL says:

    Of course a nggr, who else?

  25. CZSeventy5 says:

    I am STUNNED that this is a person of color. BTW – why is ‘colored person’ offensive but ‘person of color acceptable’?

  26. rodlang says:

    Without watching the video clip….you know the race of the perp. Sad but true.

  27. Jon Doe says:

    White privilege. Systemic racism. Legacy of slavery. You have no right to blame this criminal. She is a victim of white society. She is merely struggling to take back what your ancestors have taken. Sound reasonable? Of course not. So why is it being taught in schools? Why is that what the media and government are pushing? Its time to start wearing the word racist like a badge of honor.

  28. Rich ‘old white woman’ didn’t need or deserve that money when many lil chiruns are starving cuz mommy’s drugs come first.

  29. It seems Whites might be blamed for this

  30. We need to bring back the firing squad.

  31. Pete says:

    Good reason to self segregate from animals.

    1. The Gentle Grizzly says:

      Some can’t afford it.

  32. SeanInAZ says:

    Exactly what I knew it would be. No surprises here.

  33. Al says:

    I blame White Privilege.

    1. kim2523 says:

      HAHAHA ! My thoughts exactly. Blame “whitety”

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