Residents Keep An Eye On Kids, Pets As Coyotes Go On The Prowl In Westchester

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — People have been keeping a close eye on their pets and children as coyotes go on the attack in Westchester County.

As CBS2’s Lou Young reported, trappers have been working overtime with coyotes on the prowl.

The traps were being set in the northern suburbs as coyotes enter dispersal season — when young animals leave their parents den to stake out new territory.

“The young seem to be getting a little more aggressive when it comes to dispersal time,” animal control specialist Jim Horton said.

That aggression can be costly. A beagle was nearly dragged into the woods in Chappaqua.

It happened midday last Thursday. A mother was unloading groceries in the driveway and the family dog came out to greet her and her daughter. The 3-year-old girl was standing feet away when it happened.

The injured dog weighs 68-lbs, and got away with 10 puncture wounds, and three drains installed in its head and neck.

The dog’s owner wants to make sure the coyote doesn’t come back. The lure is as simple as an animal urine or skunk essence.

The animals aren’t injured by traps. They’re simply held, then caged, but ultimately euthanized since it’s presumed they lack a fear of humans and pose a danger.

There’s been activity in Briarcliff Manor and New Rochelle as well as Chappaqua.

“We had someone get chased by three coyotes in New Rochelle. We had to trap them. In two days we trapped seven coyotes,” Horton said.

Coyotes are not indigenous to the area, but moved in after being attracted by abundant game — much of it wild, some of it domestic.

Experts said much of the behavior is territorial. Coyotes also tend to get aggressive in the spring when it’s time to establish dens for breeding new pups.



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  1. Charlene ozell says:

    Trapping should be illegal if it isn’t already. This is totally inhumane. Humans have moved into coyote territory and they should treat these long time residents with respect.

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