Tebow Has Rough First Week In Arizona Fall League

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (CBSNewYork) — Tim Tebow may have homered on the first pitch he saw in the instructional league, but it’s been all downhill since.

Through his first three games with the Scottsdale Scorpions on the Arizona Fall League, the 29-year-old Mets prospect is 0-for-9. He also ran face-first into an outfield wall while unsuccessfully chasing down a fly ball.

The highlight of his week was in, true Tim Tebow fashion, comforting a man who suffered a seizure during a game by sitting with him until paramedics arrived.

The Heisman Trophy winner and former NFL quarterback went for 4-for-14 in the instructional league in Florida, but the competition is much better in Arizona, where teams generally send top prospects from Triple-A and Double-A to refine their skills.

Tebow, who was granted an exception, is playing his first organized baseball since his junior year in high school.

“I’m not seeing (him) overmatched at all,” Scorpions manager Tom Goodwin, also the Mets’ first-base coach, told NJ.com. “I’m just seeing he’s — and I’m sure he said it to you before — he’s missed some pitches that he should hit. He’s rolling over right now. That’s going to happen because you’re anxious.

“I expect him to get better and better every time he comes out and plays. He’s going to have to learn whenever he gets his pitch to not miss it.”

Tebow, who is taking off Friday and Saturday to fulfill his SEC Network obligations, said he’s not feeling discouraged.

“This is a process,” he told NJ.com. “Focus and go get it next time. It’s a good experience. I’m trying to improve every day in certain things … work out things. Keep going. One day at a time.”

ESPN scouting guru Keith Law, however, isn’t so optimistic things will work out for Tebow. He wrote in an article: “Tebow the baseball player is not a baseball player; he’s a washed-up quarterback who has size and nothing else. … In short, there’s absolutely no baseball justification for Tebow to be here.”


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  1. realist says:

    “comforting a man who suffered a seizure during a game by sitting with him until paramedics arrived”

    So he’s as compassionate for the sick as Kaepernick is for victims of police brutality.

    Two sides of the same coin. Neither seems to get the idea that their job is to play ball.

  2. Thoughts and Prayers!

  3. freddyJmshadt says:

    Would bet $50 bucks that ..ESPN scouting guru Keith Law….is jewish.

    1. VoteTrump says:

      Just like Jesus! What’s wrong with that?

  4. Lance Davidson says:

    Bless Tiebow’s heart he is going to go far….The Lord is watching over him.

    1. PATTY HENRY says:

      I don’t know when I’ve read a ‘snarkier’ review than the one written by the most shallow and clearly jealous CBS reporter who isn’t man enough to have a by -line. YOU/ESPN/ NFL have ruined sports in America (except for College/SEC) NFL will die on the vine, TEBOW will have a great career… continue to inspire millions of young athletes. He’ll continue to help people and live a very fulfilled life and you guys much like the CINDERELLA step SISTERS will be muttering to yourselves forever.

  5. Tebow as always is a classy man.

    1. Butch says:

      He is a class act. No matter what the “experts ” say, this guy is enjoying life despite all the hate.

  6. iambicpentamaster says:

    Watching the Jets right now.

    Fitzpatrick is making Tebow look like Broadway Joe.

  7. Mike says:

    He’s a hunk.

  8. I like Tebow, but a “29-year-old prospect” is a contradictions in terms. Time for him to move on.

  9. edrebber says:

    Tebow should have played in the CFL when he had the chance.

  10. Paul says:

    Yeah and they said Billy Graham couldn’t preach when he first started out.

  11. terribleorv says:

    Why the glee among so many when Tebow runs into difficulties? Why no denunciation of the freak Kaepernick when he dishonors our National Anthem?

  12. Kathleen03 says:

    Interesting how the media is quick to publish any negative information on a man who serves as a role model for any young men than that of the anti-American smug miscreant Kaepernick who appeals to lowest among us.

  13. Randy Wolf says:

    Baseball is a hard sport to play. The individual skills it takes, particularly hitting a 90+ fastball after seeing all manners of breaking pitches and off speed pitches is really hard. For a 90mph fastball you get one twelth of a second to make up your mind. It requires exceptional eye/hand coordination, great reflexes, unusual eyesight, courage and confidence. A lack of any one of these things will earn you a ticket home. 0 for 9 is not a big deal but then that starts chipping away at the confidence and it can become a downward spiral. Give the guy some time. I question whether doing football analysis during this time is wise because the other C in the formula is concentration. If he is reading football stats rather than studying his own performance he might as well forget it.

  14. Bob says:

    The only reason he is covered is because he’s Christian and the media likes to see him fail.

  15. DJG says:

    Bo Jackson struck out his first 16 time in college. But he stick with it and became a baseball great.

  16. dieter says:

    How many MLBers had 0 for 9 or worse batting stretches this past season?…quite a bit.

  17. JonSEAZ says:

    Keith Law apparently never played any sport, is at ESPN because he cannot get another job, and is a “scouting guru” by arbitrary definition. He also suffers from anxiety disorder, which may account to some extent for his penchant of negative comments about others. Seems to me to suffer from a certain amount of low esteem.

    Tebow, on the other hand, appears to be extremely well balanced in life, has played sports, trains hard, has an extremely positive attitude, tries very hard, and never presents a negative public face. Tebow clearly believes in himself and his place in the cosmos.

    Which person do I figure tips the scales when put to the test? In my opinion it is not Keith Law.

  18. regardless of whether Tebow is super athlete or not, he has super class.

  19. Metoo says:

    Michael Jordan was no MLB baseball player either. Big deal.

  20. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

    Only about 200 or 300 more hitless at-bats to go and he’ll be on pace to eclipse Democrat icon Michael Jordan.

  21. Phrank says:

    Cut the guy some slack, give him time, and get the paparazzi out of his face. He’s been thrown into the deep end of the pool, one cur below the majors, facing “top prospect” sharks who’ve come up through short-summer league, single A, double A and triple A.

  22. matt broom says:

    Sounds like Keith Law got picked last too many times.

    1. Thanks for the reminder. I had forgotten that guys name I read in the article by the time I got to the comment section.

  23. dammitt says:

    Tell us Keith Law, how does one go about rising to the lofty heights of “ESPN scouting guru?” To paraphrase the old saying, Those that can, play. Those that can’t, coach, Those that can’t coach, scout. Law fits in the group that follows.

    1. Alfredo says:

      And those who can’t scout, talk about scouting on ESPN.

  24. stonedome says:

    “ESPN scouting guru Keith Law, however, isn’t so optimistic things will work out for Tebow. He wrote in an article: “Tebow the baseball player is not a baseball player; he’s a washed-up quarterback who has size and nothing else”
    “scouting guru”what names these people bestow on one another…because we all know what a sports overachiever Law is, so much so that he has to sit and criticize people who actually have talent. i’m sure mr law also won a playoff game with the broncos that would validate his credibility on this matter. putz

    1. Alfredo says:

      If he was a real scouting “guru”, he’d be employed as a scout rather than as a talking head on ESPN. I don’t think the word “guru” means what ESPN thinks it means.

  25. Maybe he should just stick with his day job, you know raising the dead, walking on water, etc…..

  26. Jack Inmanz says:

    Seems like God would have told him that wall was there.

  27. Dennis P. German says:

    Been 12 years; got a HR, batting .280…not bad in my book…I would estimate that he has a good 10 years of major league play in him…

  28. Todd Thomas says:

    Utterly predictable, and not going to end well.

    I recall when Carolina Panthers LB Shaq Thompson left high school, and before going to the University of Washington to play football, signed a $100K contract to play baseball with the Red Sox.

    And mind you, unlike Tebow he HAD recently played baseball in high school, and was not 30 years old.

    And in about the lowest level of minors you could play, the Gulf Coast Rookie League, he went 0-for-39, with 37 Ks.

    1. Darrin Ballard says:

      Hi Todd, I think the fact that he HASN’Tt played in several years, hit .285 in a brief stint that was probably above the level Shaq first came into and has not struck out over 90% of his at bats is an indication why actual baseball people think he is worth a look. I just wish people would let his performance do the talking and I don’t mean making up your mind after 9 at bats…..Ty Cobb even had an 0 for 20 streak in his career. If he sticks with this and shows some clear improvement over the next few weeks it will be an interesting development. Clearly the odds are stacked significantly against him. I enjoy rooting for the underdog, especially when he seems like a quality human being. Cheers to you!

  29. baldheadfriend of jesus says:

    The ESPN hacks comments follows that company’s politically correct stances towards all people who believe in God, have deep character, dont buy into the Culture of Death etc… basically ESPN has become the house of Satan! (said in the voice of the Church Lady).

    1. Ken says:

      Well said.

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