NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A cruel crime was perpetrated against a vulnerable victim — a disabled taxi driver had his wallet stolen by a robber.

Raymond Radcliffe has been using his wheelchair to get around for more than 30 years.

“Trying to break up a fight, and I got shot,” he said, speaking exclusively with CBS2’s Jessica Layton.

Since then he’s been the recipient of a lot of kindness, and a lot of kudos for his work as a disabled taxi driver. He’s also been a target for crime, including one that took place Tuesday, around 2 a,m, outside of his Bronx apartment building.

“It happened so quick, and I didn’t expect it,” he said.

While parking his livery cab near the corner of Popham and Montgomery avenues, a car pulled up with two men inside posing as good Samaritans.

“The passenger that was in this car here came to help me get in the chair,” he said.

While helping him get out of the car, the thief helped himself to Raymond’s wallet which was inside the front pocket of his lunch bag.

“This was like, on the passenger seat. By the time I got a couple yards from the car I realized something’s not right,” he said.

In the slush and the snow Raymond wheeled himself back toward the car the men were in to confront them about taking his wallet. That’s when they took off.

“I just wanted to show him the problem he gave me,” he said.

In an unexpected twist the wallet was back in the car the next day with his ID inside, but his credit cards, hospital card, and a $2 bill were gone.

“You don’t see a $2 bill every day,” he said.

Now, Radcliffe hopes to see the thief turned into police after he targeted him and his disability.

Radcliffe said he is glad he at least had his driver’s license, which saved him the stress of having to go down to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Not much of a description was available for the suspects. The suspect who took the wallet was described as a tall, thin and Hispanic male, and Radcliffe said the suspects were in a gray Toyota.

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