NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A brave jewelry store owner turned the tables on a pair of masked robbers, and surveillance cameras recorded the wild scene in Brooklyn.

As CBS2’s Dave Carlin reported, jewelry store surveillance cameras showed two suspects with ski masks on.

A man in a black jacket made a grab for merchandise, while a man in a woman’s red trench coat bee-lined for the counter to put a bag over a store employee’s head.

The woman yelled, and her boss — who was upstairs in his studio — made a superhero style entrance.

Scraps of iron and bottles rained down on the bad guys as Nisim Cohen came in unleashing fury.

“The way they’ve poked the girl, knocked her to the ground, and this is student — 23 years old,” he said. “I’m still angry.”

Cohen grabbed a decorative wooden panel and went after the men, sending them on the run as he got a whack at one of them.

His heroics did not end at his door. He came out to the sidewalk, followed the suspects as they went down Smith Street to get into a getaway car, and then followed the car on foot.

“It was an icy day and they couldn’t go very fast far and fast and there was traffic ahead of them so it was kind of easy to catch them up,” he said.

He used his hands to wipe away ice and read the license plate before the car sped off.

Cops praised him for getting the evidence and then showed him the knife left by one of the men on the floor of the store.

“I hadn’t seen the knife until I came back,” he said

It wasn’t until then that he understood the bravery he had displayed.

“I guess so brave, my sister says it’s dumb,” he said.

It wasn’t ‘dumb’ to the employee — who asked not to be interviewed — she called him her hero and realized he may have saved her life.

Cohen said no one messes with him or his staff, and looking at the action packed video no one could argue otherwise.


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