NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A woman was caught on camera taking a red wagon that two brothers uses for their paper route from the sidewalk of a Staten Island home.

For a just a minute or two, the wagon filled with newspapers was left unattended Thursday afternoon. In that short window of time, the woman decided to stop her car and take it, but left behind all 40 of the papers, CBS2’s Erin Logan reported.

“I thought maybe one of the other kids on the street borrowed it,” the owner, Laura Sala, told Logan.

But the Sala family got its answer, thanks to a surveillance camera.

“Just shocking, just shocking,” Laura said.

Her sons, 12 and 14, deliver papers for the Staten Island Advance. One nice days, like Thursday, they like to use the wagon while they walk their paper route.

“I was mad. I even went on my bike to try and see if I could find her,” Joey Salas said.

Joey has some questions for the woman with his wagon.

“What are you using it for? What do you need it for? Do you have little kids that you need a wagon? If you do, maybe I’ll help you out, but if you’re just stealing to be that kind of person, then I don’t understand,” he said.

The surveillance video posted on Facebook has gotten a lot of attention — more than 700 comments, including everything from expressing disgust to debating whether or not the woman thought the wagon was being thrown away.

“Maybe she thought it was put out with the trash. All the other trash cans were out there. She wasn’t rushing… I think it was an honest mistake,” one comment reads.

“If she thought it was trash, it wouldn’t have had all the same dates on the newspapers on it,” another reads.

“There would be no reason for someone to mistake it for garbage. And had it been garbage, when she took the papers out, she should’ve put them by the pails. Why would she just put them on the sidewalk?” Laura said.

When asked whether she filed a police report, she replied, “I did not. I thought the police had more important things to worry about than my wagon.”

Joey says sadly he’s learned one lesson in all this: never trust anyone.

The wagon cost less than $100. The Salas say it’s not about the money, it’s just wrong to take something that’s not yours.

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