CLIFTON, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — With record-breaking temperatures across the Tri-State Area on Thursday, children’s sports teams took extra precautions to keep kids safe during practice.

In Clifton, New Jersey, sports went on despite the heat that measured in the 90-degree range.
“It’s a dangerous time right now – in which, you know, we were 50 degrees a few days ago, and now we’re in the 90s,” said athletic Michael Prybicien of Sports Safety International.

Prybicien said kids’ bodies did not have enough time to adjust to the heat.

“Making sure you’re getting fluid replacement both pre-exercise and post-exercise; making sure that your child is drinking a lot of water throughout the school day, as well as, you know, an hour or two before, having 17 to 20 ounces of an electrolyte drink,” he said.

It is important to avoid caffeinated drinks that will dehydrate you.

“Pay special attention to either your students who are very skinny or slightly overweight, because they’re the higher-risk groups,” Prybicien said.

Father and baseball coach Daniel Beck knows the signs of heat exhaustion – including heavy breathing.

“The redness in their face is the biggest thing – that’s a big telltale sign, and then making sure — they have to sweat. If they’re not sweating, then that’s a problem,” Beck said.

Also, Prybicien said, “thirst, irritability, headache, dizziness, nauseousness.”

For practice, the teams plan to modify equipment uses, shorten the length of practice, take frequent water breaks, and find areas of shade.

Clifton schools usually host field day in June, but they switched it to May to beat the heat — and it just happened to land on today, the hottest day of the year.

Parents are also reminded to pack sunscreen for kids, as new rules prohibit coaches from helping children apply sunscreen.

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