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The legendary Bob Wolff paid Boomer and Craig a visit in the studio on July 15, 2014.

As Craig explained on that day three years ago, his admiration for Mr. Wolff went way back, and for good reason. Wolff served as a mentor of sorts for Carton.

Wolff died on Saturday night at the age of 96.

Boomer and Wolff were certainly aware of one another as well, so we guess you could say that on that day mutual respect was abound.

During his visit, Wolff recalled countless memorable stories, from calling Don Larsen’s perfect game to calling the 1958 NFL Championship between the Giants and Colts to being the voice of the Westminster Dog Show for 33 years.

In addition to his life in sports, Wolff also had a prominent role in World War II and talked about the ankle injury he suffered while playing baseball at Duke that led to his life in broadcasting.

Before saying goodbye, Wolff offered an honest critique of Craig’s play-by-play work.

Please listen to the full interview below.

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