NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Soon we’ll be getting our coats out for the fall.

So what’s in, what’s out, and how can you update what you already have in your closet?

‘As CBS2’s Cindy Hsu reports, a lot of people love dressing for the fall.

“Oh I’m excited, I’m ready – sweaters, boots,” one woman said.

“All the new colors, and sweaters, and cool jeans,” another added.

“It’s always nice to have something new and interesting,” said another.

This fall, interesting means a faux fur coat. Fashion expert Dawn Delrusso says they’re a must-have.

“You can throw it on with a T-shirt with jeans and run out the door, and on top of it, they’re really warm,” she told Hsu.

They come in all sorts of fun designs, but Delrusso says the key is to make sure it looks fake.

Next, is the Teddy Bear coat, which feels like a big fleece blanket and is supposed to look big.

As far as fall colors, you’ll see lots of green and orange, and you can add that pop with accessories. Holographic designs are also hot.

What’s out of style this season?

“Number one: bandage dresses, they are out,” she said.

Delrusso thinks they won’t make a comeback, so go ahead and get rid of them. The same goes for cold shoulder sweaters.

“I know a lot of people have it in their wardrobe, but unfortunately, it’s done,” she said.

She says waterfall sweaters are also out, but you can update them with pins.

“Add it to the front, make it like a button, and all of a sudden you have your updated waterfall,” she said.

Jeans with fringe and an uneven hem are out, but if you cut the legs to even them out, they’re suddenly in with flats or heels.

Another way to update your look is to switch up the way you wear what you have.

“Black turtle necks underneath slip dresses, it’s as simple as that,” Delrusso said.

You can even do it with a strapless dress and a button-down shirt.

Wondering about that jean jacket?

“This is the item that I tell everyone to keep,” she said. “However long you’ve had this jacket for, it will always make it back into your wardrobe.”

This fall, updating with pins is in, so have fun with it.

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