1010 WINS — After 76 years apart, these lifelong friends had the sweetest reunion.

Carl Warner, 92, met Abby Deutsch, 91, when they were teens at Miami Beach High School.

The two went their separate ways when the attack on Pearl Harbor brought Warner to join the war effort, spending four years with the Marines as a gunner on a diver bomber in the Pacific.

After World War II, Warner went on to work as foreign news correspondent, surviving being shot in Venezuela while covering their elections and being jailed in Cuba.

Deutsch said she was given the biggest scare of her life when Warner was mistakenly reported dead twice.

But time couldn’t get in the way of this friendship.

Warner and Deutsch reconnected 10 years through a mutual friend.

They exchanged letters and phone calls over the years and grew closer after both of their spouses passed away.

But they never got to see each other in person.

Wish of a Lifetime and Brookdale Senior Living gave the duo the chance to catch up and relive some of their memories.

The two couldn’t let go of each other and Warner gushed that their reunion made him feel young again.


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