Boomer & Carton

Boomer & Carton

B&C Postgame for Thursday

We Discuss: Steph Curry's Kid, Black Widow Spiders in Grapes, America's Skinniest Cities, and STDs on the Rise

05-28 Thursday Podcast

A 300 dollar burger, A-Rod & Suzyn share a moment & Todd Bowles sets the record straight on Geno Smith.

05-28 Moment Of The Day

Boomer takes us back to his playing days & a moment between A-Rod & Suzyn Waldman in yesterday's Yankee postgame got Craig going.

05-28 Three Hundred Dollar Burger

Craig & Boomer enjoyed a very expensive burger on the air this morning.

05-28 Boomer & Carton 'Fashion Experts'

One of our callers said he listens to the show for reasons you wouldn't have guessed.

05-28 Jerry's First Update

The Viking goes deep, A-Rod sets another milestone & Todd Bowles sets the record straight on Geno Smith.

05-28 Geno May Not Be The Starter

The Mets are going with a 6 man rotation, A-Rod becomes the AL all time RBI leader & Todd Bowles has a different take than Chan Gailey on Geno Smith.

B&C Postgame for Wednesday

We Discuss: Fish Eating Their Own Poo, Robotic Butts, and The Pope Doesn't Watch TV

05-27 Wednesday Podcast

Rangers force a Game 7, John Sterling hockey calls & Craig tells a story about paintballing with Boomer.

05-27 Capture The Flag

Johnny Gomes was once attacked by a wolf...kinda like the time Boomer pelted Craig with paintballs.