Boomer & Carton

Boomer & Carton

Podcast (8/28/15)

Mets keep winning, Giants-Jets, spa days, a manly speech and more.

MOTD (8/28/2015)

Friday's highly anticipated 'Moment of the Day' featured what it might sound like if Tom Coughlin did some yoga chanting.
Jerry Recco Updates His Face Off and Craig gets into character.

The Mets Can't Lose

The Mets are atop of the heap and a Giants-Jets game to watch on Saturday night.

Podcast (8/27/2015)

The 1st place Mets have a better record than the 2nd place Mets, some PR pointers, JB Smoove stops by and a MOTD to remember.

MOTD (8/27/2015)

Craig shares his idea to make money using coconut oil and a revelation about Al 'Hughes' Dukes.

JB Smoove Stops By For Some Laughs

In town to promote his upcoming shows at Carloines on Broadway, the comedian/actor/writer made sure to pay the Dynamic Radio Duo a visit.

Public Relations Pointers Courtesy Of Craig Carton

After listening to Sheldon Richardson speak cavalierly about his pending suspension, Craig had some things to say.

Jerry Does His Thing, Update Style

Jerry's Thursday morning contribution was heavy on the baseball after a win by the 1st place Mets and another loss from the 2nd place Yanks, plus Sheldon Richardson speaks and more.
It was a festive atmosphere in the Allstate Studio as Craig was all about celebrating the fact that 'his' Mets have a better record than 'his' Yankees.