Boomer & Carton

Boomer & Carton

Podcast (10/8/2015)

Derek Fisher gets into a fight with Matt Barnes over a gal, Boomer has plans to freeze out Clayton Kershaw, the Yankee Clipper apparently got clipped, Bob Ojeda stopped by, super heroes & sidekicks and more.

Moment Of The Day (10/8/2015)

Thursday's highly anticipated 'Moment of the Day' focused on how the Dynamic Radio Duo that is Boomer Esiason & Craig Carton measure up to the Dynamic Duo that is Batman & Robin...
Since parting ways with SNY, Bob Ojeda has been doing just fine and he joined Boomer & Craig Thursday morning in the Allstate Studio to talk a little baseball, specifically Mets baseball as the 'Amazins' prepare to go out LA and try to draw first blood from the Dodgers...

Joe DiMaggio's Botched Surgery

Apparently Joe DiMaggio's quality of life diminished greatly as he got older, thanks in large-part to a botched surgery on a burst aneurysm in his stomach, that left him impotent. Boomer and Craig briefly discussed the Yankee Clipper's unfortunate situation Thursday morning...
Jerry Recco's provided an informative and entertaining update because that is what he does.
Derek Fisher was involved in a dispute with former teammate Matt Barnes over the weekend in California, then apparently told the organization he was away from the team for personal reasons. Boomer elects to try and make an example of Clayton Kershaw and more.

Podcast (10/7/2015)

The Yankees get eliminated and look bad while it's happening, Matt Harvey is a no-show at a mandatory team workout, Craig offers some sound advice for the aforementioned Harvey and any other young player listening, Jerry Recco has some fun at the expense of Al Dukes and much more.

Moment Of The Day (10/7/2015)

Wednesday's highly anticipated 'Moment of the Day' featured Jerry Recco delivering a joke at the expense of a creative - and ailing - Al Dukes...

What Matt Harvey Should Have Said

After listening to what Harvey had to say, Craig put on his PR hat and came-up with a response he thinks would have worked a little better
Yankees lost to the Astros, Boomer's prediction comes to fruition, Al Dukes hits a high note, Andrew Lucks' bum shoulder and much more.