Boomer & Carton

Boomer & Carton

B&C Postgame For Monday

We discuss: Ronda Rousey Fighting a Guy, Criminals Wearing Baseball Hats, The Twins Putting Their Phones Away, Polar Bear Plunge, and Obsessing Over Too Many Choices

03-02 Monday Podcast

All the best segments from today's show.

03-02 Moment Of The Day

A dog named Seaman.

03-02 A Dog Named Seaman

Lewis & Clark's dog was named Seaman. He was attacked by a beaver. You can't make this stuff up.

03-02 Turkey

Could you find Turkey on a blank map? Most of our staff could not.

03-02 Beam Me Up Scotty

William Shatner misses Leonard Nimoy's funeral.

03-02 Jerry's First Update

A-Rod says nothing, nobody can understand Terry Collins & Marshawn Lynch on being 'the face of the nation'.

03-02 Anthony Mason (1966-2015)

The guys remember the life of a dear friend to the radio program.

02-27 Friday Podcast

All the best segments from today's show.

02-27 Billy Gardell

Billy Gardell from CBS' 'Mike & Molly' on an upcoming Garden of Dreams event.