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  • Monday, December 15th
  • Bob salter's 12/14/14 Program

    Dr. Steven Victor discussed regenerative medicine, how stem cell therapy addresses areas where the body has injury, how bone marrow differs from stem cell therapy, and the growing use of regenerative medicine to treat sports injuries.
  • Sunday, December 7th
  • Bob Salter's Tremendous 12/7/14 Program

    Attorney Daniel Hochheiser discussed why he advocates opening the grand jury process in police homicide cases, why he believes the grand jury made the correct decision in the Michael Brown death case, how grand jury operations differ from criminal juries, introduction of police body cameras, and what he sees as dangers of militarization of the police.
  • Sunday, November 30th
  • Bob Salter's 11/30/14 Program

    Care Connect President and CEO Alan Murray discussed how the New York state health exchanges handled the rollout of Obamacare, coverage and signup deadlines under the Affordable Care Act, and the impact of the individual penalty.
  • Monday, November 24th
  • Bob Salter's 11/23/14 Program

    Suzanne Babb of WhyHunger, Jim Zullo of Elijah’s Promise, and David Waters of Community Servings discussed the scope of the food insecurity problem in America, increases in the numbers of homeless children and working poor, and the role of Hungerthon in raising awareness about hunger and poverty while raising money to support WhyHunger’s efforts to support grassroots programs.
  • Sunday, November 16th
  • Bob Salter's 11/16/14 Program

    Sam Pitkowsky of the Adoptive Parents Committee discussed the significance of November as National Adoption Month, the types of adoptions, increased difficulty for international adoptions in the United States, and the 34th Annual Conference.
  • Monday, November 10th
  • Bob Salter's 11/9/14 Program

    Family Law attorney Jacqueline Newman discussed financial abuse in marriage, ways women suffer from financial abuse, the three ways to get divorced, mistakes to avoid when getting divorced, and child custody.
  • Sunday, November 2nd
  • 11/2/14 Bob Salter's First Guest

    Test Prep Authority founder and president Anthony James Green discussed the test prep field, the difference between the SAT and ACT, and the overabundance of choices for colleges in the selection process.
  • 11/2/14- Bob Salter's 2nd Set of Guests

    Todd Cohen and Michael Weinsteen of the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network discussed symptoms of pancreatic cancer, who is most susceptible to developing it, efforts to increase public awareness of pancreatic cancer, Weinsteen’s diagnosis and treatment, and the organization’s Operation Purple Stride.
  • Monday, October 27th
  • Bob Salter's 10/26/14 Program

    Alan Clark discussed the estimated impact and cost of medical errors to the public, ways patients can protect themselves against possible negligence by a doctor or hospital, his suggestions to improve communication between doctors, patients, and other medical facility staff, and how the lack of disclosure of medical errors hurts hospitals and patients.
  • Monday, October 20th
  • Bob Salter's 10/19/14 Guest

    Operation Rescute founder Laurie Brown-Nagin discussed the non-profit organization’s effort to educate and encourage children and their parents to adopt shelter dogs, the number of shelter animals awaiting adoption, and how to incorporate the adopted shelter dog into one’s family.
  • Sunday, October 12th
  • Bob Salter with Amy Zaslansky

    The Book Fairies founder Amy Zaslansky discussed the nonprofit organization’s collection of new and gently used books for donation in impoverished neighborhoods in the New York city metropolitan area, the scope and impact of illiteracy, the organization’s first fundraiser to buy Ereaders to local hospitals with long-term care for their young parents.
  • Monday, October 6th
  • Bob Salter's 10/05/14 Program

    Dr. Mardia Stone discussed her view there is a slim possibility of Ebola being a crisis in the United States, the crisis nature of the disease in West Africa, symptoms of Ebola, and her work in Liberia with government at the epicenter of the epidemic.
  • Monday, September 29th
  • Bob Salter's 9-28 Program

    Author and former college football athlete Dr. Tommy Watson discussed how he survived growing up in thirty different locations, how involvement with sports changed his life, the current challenges facing the NFL and its players, and ways to help athletes transition from college and professional careers to general society.
  • Monday, September 22nd
  • Bob Salter's 9/21/14 Program

    Michele McKeon, former Chief Executive Officer of the New York State Coalition Against Domestic Violence, discussed the incidence of domestic violence and sexual assault, the NFL’s domestic violence problem, and the effects of domestic violence on victims and their children. Keywords: domestic violence, NFL, sexual assault
  • Sunday, September 14th
  • Bob Salter's 9/14/14 Program

    Advanced Brain Monitoring President Daniel Levendowski discussed the hours of sleep we should get at night, how Sleep Apnea affects sleep, risk factors for Sleep Apnea, and ways we can sleep better.
  • Monday, September 8th
  • Bob Salter's 9/7/14 Program

    HLN host and author Jane Velez Mitchell discussed her coverage of the Jodi Arias murder trial, the coming penalty phase retrial, and Arias’ behavior before and after the crime.
  • Sunday, August 31st
  • 8/31/14 Bob salter's 6am Hour

    Author Gaye O’Brien, a former teacher, discussed useful neuro-linguistic programming techniques for teachers, why rapport is important in establishing great relationships, and how self-talk can help listeners with their daily activities.
  • 8/31/14 Bob Salter's 7am Hour

    Food Allergy and Asthma Support Group of North Jersey Facilitator Lisa Giuriceo discussed food Allergy Research and Education Vice President Mike Spigler discussed food allergy awareness, symptoms, and the role of support groups.
  • Sunday, August 24th
  • 8/24/14 Bob Salter's 6am Guest

    Attorney Raphael Katz discussed whistleblower laws, risks of going forward as a whistleblower, and false claims act legislation.
  • 8/24/14- Bob Salter's 7am Hour

    Author Sergeant Stephanie Shannon discussed being the victim of military sexual trauma and sexual harassment, living undiagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder for twenty years, and the incidence suicide among veterans.