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  • Thursday, August 27th
  • Podcast (8/27/2015)

    The 1st place Mets have a better record than the 2nd place Mets, some PR pointers, JB Smoove stops by and a MOTD to remember.
  • MOTD (8/27/2015)

    Craig shares his idea to make money using coconut oil and a revelation about Al 'Hughes' Dukes.
  • JB Smoove Stops By For Some Laughs

    In town to promote his upcoming shows at Carloines on Broadway, the comedian/actor/writer made sure to pay the Dynamic Radio Duo a visit.
  • Public Relations Pointers Courtesy Of Craig Carton

    After listening to Sheldon Richardson speak cavalierly about his pending suspension, Craig had some things to say.
  • Jerry Does His Thing, Update Style

    Jerry's Thursday morning contribution was heavy on the baseball after a win by the 1st place Mets and another loss from the 2nd place Yanks, plus Sheldon Richardson speaks and more.
  • It's Time For Mets' Fans To Celebrate, While The Yanks Continue To Struggle

    It was a festive atmosphere in the Allstate Studio as Craig was all about celebrating the fact that 'his' Mets have a better record than 'his' Yankees.
  • Wednesday, August 26th
  • Podcast (8/26/2015)

    Another Mets win, a bad Yankee loss, some football and much more.
  • MOTD (8/26/2015)

    During Wednesday's highly anticipated 'Moment of the Day' we hear what it might sound like if the Pope's microphone was not turned on.
  • Imagining A Dickey-Yoenis Match-Up

    Give a listen, you can thank me later.
  • Boomer's Love For Sandy and Jerry's Wednesday Morning Update

    If it's an update you crave, then you are in the right place. Yanks take one on the chin, the Mets refuse to lose and more.
  • Yanks Gets Smoked, Mets Can't Lose, Geno's Defense And OBJ Is A Marked Man

    The Yankees take one on the chin, the Mets just keep winning, Craig tries to make sense of the Geno Smith defense and Odell Beckham Jr. has a target on his back.
  • Tuesday, August 25th
  • Podcast (8/25/2015)

    David Wright returns, Mets offense explodes, Yanks win a nail bitter, Phil Simms is happy, Jim Nantz gets respect and Craig's issue with John Sterling's final call.
  • MOTD (8/25/2015)

    During Tuesday's highly anticipated 'Moment of the Day' we heard all about the respect Jim Nantz gets when he walks into a room.
  • Did Sterling Blow The Final Call???

    Craig sure thinks so.
  • Phil Simms Is Happy And Jim Nantz Commands Respect

    Boomer's blonde buddy Phil Simms joined the fun Tuesday morning.
  • Jerry Provides An Update Both Mets And Yankee Fans Can Get Behind

    Mets break records with a 16-7 win over the Phillies, the Yankees manage to get themselves a win, Sterling under fire and much more.
  • Wright Returns, Yanks Prevail And Boomer's Perfect Fingernails

    David Wright made his return to the Mets line-up in what turned out to be a record breaking win in Philly, Yankees managed to win despite scoring just one run and Boomer knows who to thank for his perfect fingernails.
  • Monday, August 24th
  • Podcast (8/24/2015)

    From the baseball locals, to football injuries and fall guys, Boomer & Craig make your Monday manageable.
  • MOTD (8/24/2015)

    During this highly anticipated 'Moment of the Day' we learn what kind of 'fall guy' Al Dukes would make.
  • Taz Is Podcasting His Face Off These Days

    Taz called in Monday morning to tell the guys about his new daily podcast, which will premiere September 14th on
  • Carvel/Cinnabon Delivery And The Top Of The Fast Food Chain

    Boomer & Carton react to the news that Carvel/Cinnabon will now be making deliveries locally, which spawns a spirited discussion about fast food...
  • Jeff Calls In From Detroit And Boomer Recalls An NFL Learning Experience

    After getting to know Jeff a little better, Boomer shared a story from back in the day.
  • Jerry's Monday Morning Update Effort

    Mets win again, Yankees continue to struggle, preseason football, some bad advice and Al Dukes' true colors.
  • Tale Of Two Baseball Teams And NFL Football

    Mets dominate the Rockies in Colorado, Yanks lose 3 of 4 to the Indians, Giants and Jets dealing with the preseason and Cris Carter and Warren Sapp make the news cycle.
  • Thursday, August 20th
  • Podcast (8/20/2015)

    The red hot Yankees, the struggling Mets, Eli and more...
  • Brian Cashman's Fun With Flatulence And MOTD (8/20/2015)

    After hearing all about Brian Cashman's fart machine and a reasonable depiction of the Yankees GM might put it to use, Jerry Recco delivered his highly anticipated 'Moment of the Day'.
  • Lora Gets Into It With Craig

    A gal named Lora called in to take issue with Craig's take on David Wright's return and resting starters. Let's just say things got a little interesting.
  • Jerry Updates The Baseball, Eli And More

    This update from Jerry Recco is something you're gonna wanna hear.
  • Yanks Remain Hot As A Pistol, Mets Fall Again And Cashman Spills The Beans

    The Yankees won on the arm of Eovaldi and the bat of 22 year-old rookie Greg Bird, while the Mets lost late in Baltimore. We also hear about Brian Cashman's way of doing things.
  • Wednesday, August 19th
  • Podcast (08/19/2015)

    It always makes for a good day when both the Yankees and the Mets win, Sprinkle in some football and good lookin' gal seeking a date and we're in business.
  • Moment of the Day (8/19/2015)

    During Wednesday's highly anticipated 'MOTD' we heard about a fictitious relationship between Suzyn Waldman and Alex Rodriguez, as shared by one Craig Carton.
  • Jenna Tries To Score A Date With John Ryan Murphy

    This lovely gal from Connecticut roots for the Yanks and would like to date their back-up catcher.
  • Jerry's Update Brings The Funny

    We heard about wins from both the Yankees and the Mets, some NFL news and plenty of laughter.
  • A-Rod Shines, deGrom Does His Thing And The Jets Are Gonna Sign A QB

    Boomer & Craig were all smiles Wednesday morning after both the Yankees and the Mets came out on the winning side of things Tuesday night.
  • Tuesday, August 18th
  • Morning Show Podcast (8/18/15)

    From the Yankees to the Mets, the Giants to the Jets and everything else in between.
  • Moment of the Day (8/18/15)

    Boomer & Craig contrast and compare the thank you letters they both received from a former staffer.
  • Adam Schein Drops By

    With a brand new show to promote ('Schein on Sports' - 6pm EST on the CBS Sports Network) Adam Schein stopped by the Allstate Studio for a visit.
  • Tommy's Letter(s)

    Tommy is heard by both Boomer & Craig.
  • Phil Jackson's 'Draft Remorse'???

    The Knicks team president provided a less than flattering evaluation of his prized 1st round pick.
  • Jerry's Update For Your Consumption

    Yanks win and will now face Big Pelf Tuesday night, Brandon Marshall defends Geno, Eli wants to get paid and more...
  • Yanks Win, Mets Get Humbled But Remain In 1st And More

    Opening things with the Yanks after their 10 inning win and the Mets, following their rough weekend with the Pirates. Preseason football talk and much, much more...
  • Monday, August 17th
  • Joe and Chris: John Minko's First Update

    John Minko joins Joe Benigno and Chris Simms for his first sports update of the morning.
  • Joe Benigno and Chris Simms Open

    Joe Benigno and Chris Simms fill in for Boomer and Carton on a beautiful Monday morning.
  • Thursday, August 13th
  • 08-13 Podcast

    The 1st place Mets keep rollin' along, while the 2nd place Yankees continue to struggle and Jets football
  • 08-13 MOTD

    Craig channels his inner-Jordany Valdespin
  • 08-13 The Have Themselves A 'Rally Parakeet'

    The Mets new good luck charm and some solid pet ideas.
  • 08-13 Jerry's Update Covers All The Bases

    Another entertaining and informative update courtesy of the maven himself. Mets win, Yanks lose and football is back.
  • 08-13 Mets Keep Rollin', Yanks Keep Free-Fallin And The Jets

    Getting things started on a Thursday
  • Wednesday, August 12th
  • 08-12 Podcast

    Boomer & Craig discussed the Geno Smith fiasco, another Mets win, as well as a Yanks loss.
  • 08-12 MOTD

    A case of mistaken identity? Al Dukes and Bart Scott discuss.
  • 08-12 'I Broke My Jaw (And It Sure Stung)'

    Al Dukes put his parody song writing skills to good use Wednesday morning.
  • 08-12 Bart Scott Couldn't Wait To Join The Show

    Boomer's NFL Today collegue shared his thoughts on Geno and the Jets.
  • 08-12 Bart Scott Couldn't Wait To Join The Show

    Boomer's NFL Today colleague was chomping at the bit to talk about Geno and the Jets.
  • 08-12 Geno's Jaw, Yanks' Struggles, Mets Win

    Jerry updates us on everything from Geno Smith's altercation to a Yankees loss and a Mets win.
  • 08-12 The Jets Are Better Off Sans Geno

    With Geno Smith taking a jaw breaking blow in the locker room, thus shelving the QB for 6-10 weeks, the guys had plenty to talk about.
  • Tuesday, August 11th
  • Boomer & Carton Tuesday Podcast

    Check out all the best moments from Tuesday's show on today's podcast.
  • Boomer & Carton: MOTD

    It's another hilarious Moment of The Day on the Boomer and Carton show.
  • Boomer & Carton: Boomer Defends The Blue Collar Fans

    With Craig questioning why Mets fans aren't showing up to Citi Field, Boomer defends the diehard fans who can't make it to as many games as they'd like due to rising costs.
  • Boomer & Carton: Jerry Recco

    Jerry Recco comes for his first update of the morning and the guys wonder if the Mets will shut down any of their pitchers in September.
  • Boomer & Carton: Tuesday Open

    The Mets won again Monday night but Craig is wondering why there are still no fans at Citifield.