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  • Friday, February 12th
  • Podcast (2/12/2016)

    You can listen to — and download — all of the memorable audio from Friday’s edition of the Boomer & Carton Morning Extravaganza in one nice little package for your convenience.
  • Moment of the Day (2/12/2016)

    Friday's highly anticipated 'Moment of the Day' featured a heavy dose of Suzyn Waldman and for good reason I might add.
  • Gary Myers

    New York Daily News columnist Gary Myers called in Friday morning to discuss the Pro Football Hall of Fame voting process - which Myers himself is a part of - and let's just say it was interesting.
  • A Special, Friday Edition Of The WFAN Man Quiz

    As the title indicates, Craig put the staff to the test on Friday in this latest edition of the wildly popular WFAN Man Quiz.
  • Jerry's Update Elicits Laughter

    Stadium giveaways and great inventions and the many uses of mason jars were discussed to start off this action-packed radio segment, as Boomer & Craig did what really only they can do. Suzyn Waldman hosted a radio show Thursday night on WFAN - along with Brian Cashman and Dave Dombrowski - and the update maven that is Jerry Recco provided the audio proof. Well, that audio proof was all that Craig had to hear, so from there plenty of laughter could be heard bellowing out of the Allstate Studio. Plus, New York Daily News columnist Gary Myers gets taken to task by the guys for his take on Terrell Owens' Hall of Fame candidacy, a couple of NBA games get us to the All-Star break, the Islanders win and more.
  • Fisher's Wish, Honoring Mariano And A Big Blue Hiring

    It was the first Friday without football in some time, but not too worry, the Dynamic Radio Duo that is Boomer Esiason & Craig Carton had things under control. The guys got things started with some of the details surrounding Derek Fisher's firing and discussed the Yankees decision to honor Mariano Rivera. Additionally, Boomer & Craig did their best to connect some of the dots with regard to the Giants hiring former Lions GM Martin Mayhew for their front office and how that likely makes Jerry Reese feel.  You know the drill folks, it's a Friday, now start actin' like it.
  • Thursday, February 11th
  • Podcast (2/11/2016)

    You can listen to — and download — all of the memorable audio from today’s edition of the Boomer & Carton Morning Extravaganza in one nice little package for your convenience.
  • Moment of the Day (2/11/2016)

    'Reveal Parties' aren't for everyone, that much we learned during Thursday's highly anticipated 'Moment of the Day'.
  • Brett Yormark And Barclays Are On-Board

    Craig was thrilled to hear from his buddy Brett Yormark Thursday morning. Mr. Yormark serves as the CEO of Barclay's Center and is on-board with the idea of hosting an eSport tournament - which is defined as 'a form of mind sports' by the way - sometime in the future. Needless to say, Craig was thrilled with the news, while Boomer was surprisingly supportive of his radio partner/BFF's latest brain-child.
  • Delayed Honeymoons And Reveal Parties Aren't For Everyone

    First Craig learned about the new practice some young couples have adopted with regards to postponing their honeymoons.  Which is actually the case for a couple of WFANer's, including Evan Roberts who is currently celebrating his nuptials in Hawaii. From there it was 'revealed' to Boomer & Craig that some expecting couples will actually throw a party to let everyone know the sex of their baby, it's called a 'Reveal Party'. Well as it turns out, these new wave practices aren't for everyone. As the great Bob Dylan once said, 'The times they are a changin'. Following all of that excitement, Boomer expressed disappointment in a mutual friend by the name of Michael Symon, so they all talked it out together on the air.
  • A Yeti Sighting Or Not A Yeti Sighting, That Is The Question

    Craig is convinced he saw a video of a Yeti in the snow covered mountains in Spain, Boomer is not so sure.
  • Jerry's Update Gets A Little Emotional

    The Nets lost their final game before the All-Star Break, falling to the Grizzlies 109-90 in Brooklyn Wednesday night.  Jerry Recco got his first update of the day started there, as following the game we heard a reporter get a little chocked-up when coming to grips with the fact that he won't be talking with Tony Brown for a while. Plus, the Warriors and Spurs keep rolling, Kobe Bryant gets a hero's welcome in Cleveland, Eli Manning had a rough childhood, Boomer recalls meeting Howie Long's kids, LeSean McCoy's legal trouble and more.
  • Walton Is A Bad Fit, Luck's Worth, A Manning Dinner And More

    Craig got the ball rolling Thursday morning by making it clear that Luke Walton is not the right man to coach New York Knicks. So after Boomer got through gloating about the Rangers 3-0 win over the Penguins, it was all about the Knickerbockers early on. Then the focus shifted to football, as the Giants are going to have quite a bit of money to spend and Boomer has a couple of suggestions on where Big Blue should begin.  The Indianapolis Colts are prepared to give Andrew Luck what they are calling 'a shocking number' for his next contract, which had the Booms and Craigie debating 26 year-old signal caller's worth. All of that, Peyton and Eli Manning spotted dinning together in the Big Apple and much more.
  • Wednesday, February 10th
  • Podcast (2/10/2016)

    You can listen to — and download — all of the memorable audio from Wednesday’s edition of the Boomer & Carton Morning Extravaganza in one nice little package for your convenience.
  • Moment of the Day (2/10/2016)

    During Wednesday's highly anticipated 'Moment of the Day' we heard a confused Boomer trying to get to the bottom of a audio drop, which was provided by 'the' Eddie Scozzare of course.
  • Super Bowl Halftime Shows, Madonna And Much More

    Boomer & Craig took a call from a listener named Joe and he shared his dislike and disapproval of the Super Bowl 50 halftime show, more specifically the apparent Black Panther inspired performance courtesy of Beyonce.  Boomer & Craig discussed the controversial festivities and found themselves pinning for days gone by.  Speaking of the good old days, Boomer recalled the early years of Madonna, before she fancied herself a political activist of sorts.  Back then the Booms was a big fan of the up and coming pop-star and lets just say, Craig used that to his advantage.  Eventually we got to hear the Blonde Bomber belt out a few of the early hits - like I said, he was a fan - during this action-packed radio segment that you won't soon forget.
  • An Update From Jerry On A Wednesday

    After Boomer got through talking about his desire to take a ski trip, Jerry Recco started updating his face-off, beginning with the Knicks - who looked eerily similar to the team coached by recently fired Derek Fisher in their 111-108 loss to the Wizards.  In addition to recapping Kurt Rambis' Knicks coaching debut, Jerry also touched on Cam Newton's latest media session, a special night in New Jersey which concluded with a Devils' win and much more.
  • What In The World Is Phil Jackson Trying To Say???

    It was the mess that is the New York Knickerbockers that grabbed the attention of Boomer & Craig early Wednesday morning, this after they lost to the Wizards last night at the Garden, thus spoiling the debut of interim head coach Kurt Rambis.  Since firing Derek Fisher, Knicks' President Phil Jackson has taken to providing cryptic messages via social media and the spoken word, leaving fans - the Dynamic Radio Duo included - left scratching their heads looking for answers.  So be warned, if you're a Knicks fan you'll surely find this segment entertaining and informative, but is likely to make you angry as well, so just proceed with caution.
  • Tuesday, February 9th
  • Podcast (2/9/2016)

    You can listen to — and download — all of the memorable audio from Tuesday’s edition of the Boomer & Carton Morning Extravaganza in one nice little package for your convenience.
  • Moment of the Day (2/9/2016)

    During Tuesday's highly anticipated 'Moment of the Day' we heard Boomer sounding off on the Knicks and Craig putting on display his vast knowledge of movie dialogue.
  • Criticizing Cam And Peyton

    A lot has been made of Cam Newton's behavior following the Panthers' 24-10 loss to the Broncos in Super Bowl 50 and some would lead you to believe that the criticism stems from racism, rather than one's ability to recognize immaturity.  Well after reading an article in the New York Daily News by columnist Shaun King, Craig felt the need to address some misnomers and used everyone's golden boy, Peyton Manning's behavior following his Colts' 31-17 loss to the Saints back in Super Bowl XLIV.
  • Jerry Updates Fisher's Dismissal And A Little Bit More

    The decision to dismiss Derek Fisher was where the majority of the focus was during Jerry Recco's first update Tuesday morning as the Phil Jackson run Knicks continue to be a mess.  Plus, the Nets win on a buzzer-beater, the Rangers top the Devils and more.
  • Derek Fisher Is Out, Now What??

    Shortly after Monday's radio program the New York Knicks fired their head coach Derek Fisher, promoting assistant Kurt Rambis and giving him the interim tag.  Boomer & Craig got Tuesday's radio program underway with a spirited discussion about Phil Jackson's latest personnel move and the future of this mess of a franchise.  If you need an indication of just how bad things have gotten for the Knickerbockers, Boomer could be heard saying that he feels sorry for Jim Dolan - how 'bout that!?!?
  • Monday, February 8th
  • Boomer and Carton Monday Podcast

    All the hilarious moments as well as Boomer and Craig's breakdown of the Super Bowl in their daily podcast. 
  • Boomer & Carton: Halftime

    When Jerry Recco entered the studio for the second time Monday morning he expected to just be giving his regular update. Instead Craig caught him off guard by wondering what Jerry thought about the Super Bowl halftime show. What ensued was a hilarious breakdown of NFL's choices on their musical acts.
  • Boomer and Carton: Jerry Gives The Full Big Game Rundown

    Jerry Recco was back at it Monday morning, and this time was in full Super Bowl mode. We heard from several players during and after the big game. Boomer and Craig talked about which players represented themselves well and also the ones that could have done better. Meanwhile, the Knicks have become a mess of late and Jerry shared Derek Fisher's not-so-great post game remarks following Sunday's loss to Denver.
  • Boomer and Carton Recap Super Bowl 50

    Boomer & Carton returned to the airwaves Monday and broke down the Broncos' upset win over the Panthers in Super Bowl 50. Craig wasn't thrilled with the quality of the game, but Boomer had some good reasons why it played out the way it did. The guys discussed the good, bad, and controversial from the big game. There was plenty of all three so be sure, so please give a listen.
  • Friday, February 5th
  • Podcast (2/5/2016)

    You can listen to — and download — all of the memorable audio from today’s edition of the Boomer & Carton Morning Extravaganza in one nice little package for your convenience.
  • Super Bowl 50 Picks-Picks-Picks (Against the Spread)

    Finally we got to the wildly popular segment where Boomer & Craig offer up the "award winning" NFL Picks-Picks-Picks against the spread for Super Bowl 50. Al Dukes & Jerry Recco also provided their predictions as well, if you're into that kind of thing.
  • Moment of the Day (2/5/2016)

    Friday's highly anticipated 'Moment of the Day' Craig shared his beliefs with regards to the creation of man.
  • Terrell Owens Gets Into It

    Terrell Owens was in his old stomping grounds of San Francisco, so he stopped by to say hello to Boomer & Craig during the Dynamic Radio Duo's final show before Super Bowl 50.  During his visit Owens reflected on his career, discussed his Hall of Fame chances, talked about the aforementioned upcoming Super Bowl and much more.
  • Tyler Lockett

    After making quite a splash during his rookie year with the Seahawks, Tyler Lockett reaped some of the benefits in San Francisco by sitting down with a couple of 'National Treasures'.  Boomer & Craig were happy to welcome the wide-receiver/punt-kick returner to the show and Lockett sounded thrilled to be there.
  • Ed 'Too Tall' Jones

    Ed 'Too Tall' Jones took a seat with Boomer & Craig during Friday's action-packed radio program and after discussing his health and the health of some of his peers, the former Cowboys great seemed to really enjoy his time with the fellas.
  • Devin & Jason McCourty

    Devin & Jason McCourty both made the exclusive Boomer & Carton guest list and the identical twin brothers made the most of their time.
  • Jarvis Landry

    Miami Dolphins wide-receiver Jarvis Landry joined Boomer & Craig from San Francisco to talk about his NFL career, his relationship with Giants WR Odell Beckham Jr., Super Bowl 50 and more..
  • Curtis Martin

    Curtis Martin is a man who is endeared by Patriots fans, Jets fans and NFL fans alike and he joined the equally likable Boomer & Craig in San Francisco for what proved to be an entertaining discussion about all sorts of things, including concussions.
  • The Legendary Jerry Rice

    Jerry Rice knows a thing (just ask Boomer), or two (ask Elway), or three (check with Stan Humphries) about the Super Bowl, so with Super Bowl 50 right around the corner, the football legend joined Boomer & Craig in a place he knows very well, San Francisco.
  • Troy Aikman

    Troy Aikman won three Super Bowls as quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys and has since become part of Fox's leading NFL broadcast team alongside Joe Buck.  Well that impressive resume landed the Hall of Famer a seat with Boomer Esiason & Craig Carton, as they navigated their way through their final broadcast prior to the highly anticipated Super Bowl 50 on CBS.
  • Jerry Provides The Information, Laughter Follows

    Jerry Recco got things started with the story surrounding the Knicks 111-105 loss to the Pistons, which spawned all sorts of conversation between Boomer & Craig.  Among other things, Jerry reported that the Spurs' Manu Ginobli underwent surgery on his testicles after taking a knee courtesy of the Pelicans' Ryan Anderson and from there this segment took on a life of it's own.
  • Another Knicks Debacle, Johnny Football's Issues, Relationships, Crabs And Obstructed Views

    Craig was beside himself after another bad loss by the Knicks, who did manage to fight back and actually take a lead after falling behind by 27 points in the first half, only to lose in Detroit 111-105.  Boomer on the hand was sporting a grin after his beloved Blue Shirts overcame a 2-0 deficit to beat the Wild 4-2.  In addition to the Knickerbockers and the Rangers, the guys discussed the troubling stories Johnny Manziel's name continues to be associated with, some insight into the relationship between Matt Harvey and Jacob deGrom, Yoenis Cespedes' love for Baltimore crabs and obstructed views.
  • Thursday, February 4th
  • Podcast (2/4/2016)

    You can listen to — and download — all of the memorable audio from today’s edition of the Boomer & Carton Morning Extravaganza in one nice little package for your convenience.
  • Moment of the Day (2/4/2016)

    Thursday's highly anticipated 'Moment of the Day' featured Craig imagining what kind of clever giveaway the Mets might come-up with to honor Yoenis Cespedes this season.
  • Andrea Mallis Has A Grasp On Astrology

    Andrea Mallis is an astrologer and she stopped by to entertain Boomer & Craig for a while in San Francisco.  While visiting with the guys, in addition to blowing minds, Andrea also managed to share her Super Bowl 50 prediction.
  • A Visit From Griffey Greatness, As Jr. & Sr. Stop By

    Boomer & Craig were absolutely thrilled to get a visit from greatness, which is exactly what happened when Ken Griffey Jr. and his father Ken Griffey Sr. stopped by the set in San Francisco.  So the guys put the football talk on-hold for a bit to talk some baseball with the soon-to-be Hall of Famer (Jr. will be inducted into Cooperstown this July) and his old man.
  • Willie Colon Has Some Stories And An Extensive Road Trip Planned-Out

    Willie Colon is in San Francisco for the Super Bowl and before getting in the car with his lady and driving back home to New York, the Jets' guard stopped-by to pay Boomer & Craig a visit on set and plenty of laughter could be heard once the big man sat down.
  • 'The Soul Taker' Bart Scott Sounds Ready For Just About Anything

    Bart Scott brought his energy and insight to the on-going morning show party, sitting down with Boomer & Craig in San Francisco to talk about football and 'taking souls'.  Scott of course will be a big part of CBS's Super Bowl 50 coverage, playing his role on 'The NFL Today' along with Boomer & the guys.  Despite the large number of viewers sure to be tuned-in, it certainly doesn't sound like Mr. Scott will be dealing with any nervousness.
  • Jerry's Update For Consumption

    Despite a show that was chock full of guests, Jerry Recco still managed to shine.  He lived up to his moniker as 'the update maven' and did his thing Thursday, which is sure to please the masses.
  • 'Super Agent' Leigh Steinberg

    Leigh Steinberg is one of the most well-known sports agents ever and he has quite a story to tell.  Steinberg joined Boomer & Craig on-set in San Francisco for a very entertaining chat that covered the 1984 NFL Draft, Craig's acting future and much more.
  • Steve Weatherford Couldn't Be Happier

    When Steve Weatherford paid Boomer & Craig a visit in San Francisco, Craig assured him that there isn't another former NFL punter on the planet that they would welcome as a guest.  So that is a distinction.  Anyway, Weatherford chatted with the guys about his career, his brief comeback, his life after football and more.
  • Wine With Lunch, Steph's Playground, Melo's Future And More

    Boomer was thrilled after having lunch with his favorite Met of all-time, Tom Seaver, on Wednesday.  So therefore we heard all about the Boom's day at "Tom Terrific's" vineyard during the action-packed open of Thursday's radio program.  The guys discussed Steph Curry's latest accomplishment, as the Warriors super-star continues to make the NBA hardwood his own personal playground, dropping 51 in Washington.  The idea of trading Carmelo Anthony was also a topic broached by the Dynamic Radio Duo.  Rounding things out, Craig shared how he felt while walking across the Golden Gate Bridge with Al Dukes and Jerry Recco.
  • 'The Gronk', Rob Gronkowski

    'The Gronk', Rob Gronkowski paid Boomer & Craig a visit in San Francisco and shared a few laughs.  Gronkowski reluctantly reflected on the Patriots' loss to the Broncos on the AFC Championship, provided an idea of what it's like to be 'The Gronk' on a daily basis, talked about what a great teammate Tom Brady is and much more.  As they were wrapping things-up, Bart Scott made his presence felt while waiting for his turn to chat with the guys.
  • Wednesday, February 3rd
  • Podcast (2/3/2016)

    You can listen to — and download — all of the memorable audio from Wednesday’s edition of the Boomer & Carton Morning Extravaganza in one nice little package for your convenience.
  • Moment of the Day (2/3/2016)

    During Wednesday's highly anticipated 'Moment of the Day', Boomer recalled a funny story involving Dan Marino and Deion Sanders, when the three of them were on TV together.
  • Trent Green Talks About What Could Have Been

    Trent Green stopped-by to pay Boomer & Craig a visit in San Francisco during Wednesday's action-packed radio program and as chance would have it, a discussion revolving around football broke out.  Since retiring from football back in 2008, Green has settled nicely into his analyst role for CBS, the guy sure knows his X's & O's.  The majority of this conversation though, was focused on what could have been with regards to the 1999 St. Louis Rams - which for the record, was Trent's team before it was Kurt Warner's.
  • Dan Marino Can Still Get It Done

    Dan Marino knows where to go when he needs a laugh, so he made sure to see the Dynamic Radio Duo that is Boomer Esiason & Craig Carton while roaming around San Francisco and as luck would have it, we got to listen to their spirited conversation.
  • Bill Cowher Talks Football And Provides Parenting Tips

    Bill Cowher can be seen on Sundays throughout the NFL season sitting on 'The NFL Today' set along with Boomer & the gang, so while making the rounds in San Francisco, the former Steelers' head coach stopped by to see the Booms and Craigie for a while.
  • Anthony Munoz & Tony Gonzalez

    The impressive combination of Anthony Munoz - the Cincinnati Bengals' only Hall of Famer - and Tony Gonzalez - who will be part of his first Super Bowl on CBS - were part of the fun from San Francisco Wednesday morning, as they joined Boomer & Craig for some laughs.
  • Christopher 'Mad Dog' Russo Tries To Bury The Hatchet

    In what has become somewhat of a Super Bowl staple, Boomer & Craig got a visit from the one & only, Christopher 'Mad Dog' Russo during Wednesday's radio show and their time together was certainly memorable.  From his relationship with Mike Francesa, to leaving WFAN for Sirus and thoughts on a possible return to the FAN, a lot was covered in this entertaining radio segment.  Enjoy..
  • Tracy Wolfson Stops-By For Some Laughs

    Tracy Wolfson will be handling the sideline reporting on CBS during Super Bowl 50 this Sunday in San Francisco and Wednesday she joined Boomer & Craig to talk about her duties, working with Phil Simms & Jim Nantz, do some 'face-swapping' and discuss the game
  • Jerry Recco's Contribution

    Boomer had no problem providing an honest assessment of his BFF/radio partner Craig's performance on the latest edition of Showtime's 'Inside the NFL', which premiered Tuesday night.  From there it was Jerry Recco's turn to perform and he did so, in update form.

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