Boomer & Carton

Boomer & Carton

Boomer Esiason & Craig Carton - Mornings on WFAN
  • Wednesday, July 29th
  • 07-29 Podcast

    Syndergaard shines, Yanks score some runs Eli working on a new deal and Brady, Brady and more Brady
  • 07-29 MOTD

    Boomer gets serious about the Mets, Craig does not.
  • 07-29 - Miss America Kira Kazantsev

    Miss America stopped by and did what was expected of her.
  • 07-29 New Deal In The Works For Eli and Samantha Tries To Defend Brady

    Word is the Giants are working on a new deal for Eli Manning and a gal named Samatha believes Brady did nothing wrong.
  • 07-29 Jerry Provides An Update

    Mets win behind 'Thor', Yanks put up 21 in Texas, Brady's suspension upheld and more.
  • 07-29 A Whale Of A Wednesday Morning

    Syndergaard shines, Yanks explode and Brady's arrogance.
  • Tuesday, July 28th
  • 07-28 Podcast

    Baseball trade talks, a number one pick, an abundance of laughter and more.
  • 07-28 MOTD

    If you like hearing Boomer laugh, well then you are in the right place.
  • 07-28 Karl-Anthony Towns

    The NBA's top draft pick stopped by for some fun.
  • 07-28 - Bobby Breaks Some News

    Bobby called in from Vermont and then things got a little crazy.
  • 07-28 - Jose Reyes Trade Talk

    Boomer & Craig discuss the idea of the Mets bringing the SS back into the fold.
  • 07-28 An Update Courtesy Of Jerry Recco

    Yankees win, Mets get Tyler Clippard and much more
  • 07-28 Mets Do Some Bolstering; Yanks Creating Distance

    Sandy Alderson keepping busy, A-Rod embraces turning 40 and more.
  • Monday, July 27th
  • 07-27 Podcast

    Wins by the baseball locals, Howard from Salem, Greinke's hair product and much more.
  • 07-27 - MOTD

    Al Dukes prepares himself for his first ever colonoscopy.
  • 07-27 Greinke's Hair

    Boomer thought he saw something suspicious in the Dodgers pitcher's hair.
  • 07-27 Jerry's Monday Morn ing Update

    Mets win in extras, Yanks keep rolling and much more.
  • 07-27 Howard's Dying Wish

    Howard called in from Salem
  • 07-27 A mighty Good Monday Morning

    Mets manage a split with the Dodgers and remain in the thick of things, while the Yanks just keep on keepin' on.
  • Thursday, July 23rd
  • 07-23 Podcast

    A wild Thursday radio program packed with plenty of laughter
  • 07-23 MOTD

    John, Suzyn and some birthday balloons
  • 07-23 WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan

    Contagious laughter and good stories courtesy of a good guy
  • 07-23 Jerry Misspeaks; Suzyn's B-Day Wishes

    Poor Jerry gets tongue tied, then Suzyn provides a shoutout for a colleague
  • 07-23 Joe Patero Beer Sales

    The guys discuss the Joe Paterno legacy beer sales
  • 07-23 - Jerry's Update

    Yankes win again, Mets lose a tough one and more
  • 07-23 Mets Implode, Yanks Roll and 'In The Best Interest Of The Sport'

    The guys were talking about the baseball locals and more
  • Wednesday, July 22nd
  • 07-22 Podcast

    Mets break the mold, Yanks do their thing, the skill of gambling and more
  • 07-22 MOTD

    Boomer likes his job, Craig gets honest with Boomer
  • 07-22 Is Gambling On The NFL A Game Of Skill or Chance

    Boomer & Craig discuss the taboo subject at length
  • 07-22 Jerry Puts His Update Skills To Good Use

    Updating the masses
  • 07-22 Mets Break Character, Yanks Stick To The Script

    Mets score some runs, Yanks flaunt their great bullpen and much more...
  • Tuesday, July 21st
  • 07-21 Podcast

    Harvey can't do it all, Mets need to 'go for it', a possible Mike & The Mad Dog reunion and more
  • 07-21 MOTD

    Today we got an idea of what it might be like if Craig approaches you while you're on line at the Shake Shack.
  • 07-21 A Mike & The Mad Dog Reunion???

    Boomer & Craig discussed the possibility the legendary radio duo reuniting
  • 07-21 A Message To The Wilpons...

    'Go for It!!!'
  • 07-21 Jerry's Update Hits Its Mark

    Updating a loss for the Mets that occured on a Harvey Day and more...
  • 07-21 Harvey Wasn't Enough

    The Dynamic Radio Duo were at it again Tuesday morning as the Mets struggles continue.
  • Monday, July 20th
  • 07-20 Podcast

    Yanks, Mets and much more
  • 07-20 - MOTD - Al Gets Tongue Tied

    Al Dukes get a little excited when talking on the air
  • 07-20 Greinke's Pursuit of Orel

    One Dodgers' pitcher pursues the record of another
  • 07-20 Jerry's Monday Morning Update

    Updating wins by both baseball locals and much more...
  • 07-20 Mets Win Despite Futility, Tex Sends A Message

    Lot to get to on a Monday morning
  • Friday, July 17th
  • 07-17 Podcast

    Coming to you live from the Borgata in Atlantic City.
  • 07-17 MOTD

    Some superhero talk and then Boomer wants to know where his money is.
  • 07-17 Tom Ballance and Asher Conniff

    Borgata President and COO Tom Ballance and professional poker player Asher Conniff join the show to discuss poker and the future of gambling.
  • 07-17 WFAN Franchise Four

    Craig reveals the WFAN Franchise Four.
  • 07-17 Where's My Money?

    Craig provides a status update on the $52,000 promise he made to Boomer and the gang.
  • 07-17 Jerry's 1st Update

    Jerry updates us on the British Open and the local baseball teams as they begin the second half of the season tonight.
  • LIVE from Atlantic City, it's Boomer & Carton!

    The guys kick off a Friday morning show from the Borgata.
  • Thursday, July 16th
  • 07-16 Podcast

    With not much going on, the guys found a lot of good stuff to talk about.
  • 07-16 MOTD

    Craig was underwhelmed, while Joe & Evan are an interesting duo
  • 07-16 Joe, Evan and the Hey-Man Equals Radio Gold

    The boys on the midday show welcome Jon Heyman on their radio program.
  • 07-16 Show Me The Money

    Craig's $52,000 promise
  • 07-16 The Most Valuable Sports Franchises Around

    Guess where the Mets rank???
  • 07-16 Jerry Gets To Updating

    NFL signings, Tom Brady's plan, Caitlyn Jenner's Courage and More
  • 07-16 Giants Aren't Down W-JPP, Caitlyn's Courage And More

    Breaking it down on a Thursday
  • Wednesday, July 15th
  • 07-15 Podcast

    All-Star fun, Mets injustice, Caitlyn Jenner, Pete from Maine, Al Dukes' fragile state and more
  • 07-15 MOTD

    Al Dukes' health was discussed
  • 07-15 Matt Martin

    The Islanders' enforcer calls in to accept Craig's golf challange
  • 07-15 Fixing Tiger and Golfing For Dough

    After Boomer got through pointing out what is wrong w-Tiger's golf game, Craig's competitive juices got flowing