Boomer & Carton

Boomer & Carton

Boomer Esiason & Craig Carton - Mornings on WFAN
  • Thursday, March 26th
  • B&C Postgame for Thursday

    We discuss: Texting or Calling a Girl for a Date, Marlins Pitcher in a Gambling Probe, Going to Broadway Plays, and Bacon & Avocado for $2
  • 03-26 Thursday Podcast

    Tom Coughlin & Boomer argue with Siri, a caller suggests a tagline for the 2015 Mets & West Virginia's Daxter Miles Jr guarantees a win over Kentuky.
  • 03-26 Moment Of The Day

    Boomer fights with Siri.
  • 03-26 The Mets Tagline For 2015

    A caller had an idea for this year's Met tagline.
  • 03-26 Jerry's First Update

    Tom Coughlin fights with Siri, Terry Collins wants to bat Juan Lagares 8th & West Virginia's Daxter Miles Jr guarantees a win over Kentucky.
  • 03-26 36 And 1

    Daxter Miles Jr guarantees a win over Kentucky. And Terry Collins plans on batting Juan Lagares 8th on Friday.
  • Wednesday, March 25th
  • B&C Postgame for Wednesday

    We discuss: GPS Problems, Bad Breath, Be Careful What You Tweet, Fake Rats, Landlords, and Throwback Jerseys
  • 03-25 Wednesday Podcast

    More outrage over Matt Harvey not starting Opening Day, the Mount Rushmore of nuts & Alonzo Mourning stops by.
  • 03-25 Moment Of The Day

    The guys talk nuts.
  • 03-25 Alonzo Mourning

    "Zo" stops by to talk about various topics including his Georgetown team almost losing to a 16th seeded Princeton. In that game, Alonzo Mourning blocked Bob Scrabis' shot to secure the win. Well Bob happens to be a big fan of the show, & called in to give his perspective of that famous game.
  • 03-25 Nut Crunching

    A conversation about Matt Harvey propels the guys into talking about their Mount Rushmore of nuts.
  • 03-25 Jerry's First Update

    Geno Smith is the top & only guy the Jets have, Sandy Alderson admits Harvey decision motivated by money & the Yankees re-enact a famous 'Sandlot' movie scene.
  • 03-25 He Is All We Got

    Todd Bowles did not exactly have a ringing endorsement for his QB at the NFL meetings in Arizona. And Craig is still fired up about Matt Harvey not starting Opening Day.
  • Tuesday, March 24th
  • B&C Postgame for Tuesday

    We discuss: Paying Eli Manning, Cuddling, Syphilis, and Buying Condoms
  • 03-24 Tuesday Podcast

    Harvey gets snubbed, Olive Garden makes a comeback & the guys debate Eli Manning's worth.
  • 03-24 Moment Of The Day

    Saints GM Mickey Loomis sounds like a robot.
  • 03-24 Shane Battier

    Former Duke star & two-time NBA champ Shane Battier stopped by the studio.
  • 03-24 Eli's Extension

    Boomer, Craig & Jerry had a heated debate on whether or not Eli Manning is worth the money.
  • 03-24 Met History

    The guys run-down the list of Met Opening Day starters.
  • 03-24 Olive Garden, Mickey Loomis & PSA's

    Olive Garden's comeback, sounding like a robot & a PSA by Jason Garrett.