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Boomer & Carton

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  • Friday, May 22nd
  • 05-22 Friday Podcast

    Boomer and Carton ring the Summer in with their official Summer Kickoff Bash at The Headliner in Neptune, NJ. The Rangers prepare for a Game 4, the Mets have a great day and Isiah Thomas is back in the news. All this and all of the normal trimmings as we close out the week!
  • 05-22 Moment of The Day

    For today's Moment, Craig compares athletes to celestial bodies.
  • 05-22 Jerry's First Update

    Jerry updates everyone for the first time this morning. The Mets beating the Cards, the Rangers prepare for a pivotal game 4, a crazy ending to the Rockets-Warriors game and more all gets talked about.
  • 05-22 Show Open

    Boomer and Craig are on the road for their Summer Kickoff Bash at The Headliner in Neptune, NJ. The Rangers Game 4, Jacob deGrom, thoughts on Isiah Thomas and Mike Francesa are all involved this Friday Morning!!
  • Thursday, May 21st
  • B&C Postgame for Thursday

    We Discuss: Backyard Pools, Torn Pectorals, Letterman, Tannehill's Big Money, and Squirting Players in the Face with Chocolate Syrup
  • 05-21 Thursday Podcast

    Craig's Ten Commandments, the Pulse of the People nominees announced & Chan Gailey says Geno Smith is the starter.
  • 05-21 Moment Of The Day

    Craig is not a big fan of Geno Smith.
  • 05-21 Craig's Ten Commandments

    The 10 things(according to Craig) that all fathers should do with their sons.
  • 05-21 Pulse Of The People Nominees

    Find out this year's list!
  • 05-21 Everybody Cares About Hockey

    A caller had a bone to pick with Craig.
  • 05-21 Jerry's First Update

    Chan Gailey says Geno Smith is the starter, the Rangers go down 2-1 & JR Smith drains eight 3's in a Cavs win.
  • 05-21 Lightning Strikes

    Boomer is not hitting the panic button after the Rangers give up a boat-load of goals for the 2nd straight game.
  • Wednesday, May 20th
  • B&C Postgame for Wednesday

    We Discuss: Knicks and the Draft, Bees in Queens, Dogs Eating At Restaurants, and Getting a Baseball at a Game
  • 05-20 Wednesday Podcast

    The Knicks fall to four, made-up names & Craig revisits a classic on-air Joe Benigno moment.
  • 05-20 Moment Of The Day

    Made-up names & Craig revisits a memorable Joe Benigno on-air moment.
  • 05-20 Adam Schein's New Show

    Craig is confused as to whey he was not informed of this.
  • 05-20 Jerry's First Update

    Steve Mills reacts to the Knicks picking 4th, Andrew Miller shows he's human & Daniel Murphy does not cover first.
  • 05-20 And The Number One Pick Goes To...

    The ping pong balls did not bounce the Knicks way & Craig is still up in arms that the Mets can't draw at home.
  • Tuesday, May 19th
  • B&C Postgame for Tuesday

    We Discuss: Lotto Balls, Getting Autographs, Cheating Names, and Ghosts
  • 05-19 Tuesday Podcast

    Eddie's audio vault, nobody shows up for Harvey Day & the guys interview David Duchovny in-studio.
  • 05-19 Moment Of The Day

    Craig lets us all know who will represent the Knicks at the Draft lottery.
  • 05-19 David Duchovny

    Actor, writer & now musican David Duchovny talks about his new venture in the world of music & growing up a NY sports fan.
  • 05-19 Richard Lewis

    Comedian Richard Lewis stopped by the studio today to talk about some new projects & stories of Larry David.
  • 05-19 Mecca Lecca High Mecca Hiney Ho

    Eddie has over 4,000 audio drops, most of them are Boomer. He dropped one of his old gems this morning to the pleasure of everyone.
  • 05-19 Jerry's First Update

    A hat trick for Johnson, the Mets win in 14 & Carlos Gomez homers two days after getting hit in the face.
  • 05-19 Harvey Day

    The Lightning struck back & tied their series with the Rangers on a night nobody showed up to see Matt Harvey pitch.
  • Monday, May 18th
  • B&C Postgame for Monday

    We Discuss: Horse Racing, Football Follies, Getting Beaned in the Head, Twitter Porn Stars, and Letterman
  • 05-18 Monday Podcast

    A different kind of cat, the first win for the Viking & David Letterman's longtime announcer stops by.
  • 05-18 Moment Of The Day

    Boomer & Craig wish Jim Nantz would use more enthusiasm when reading their promos.
  • 05-18 Alan Kalter

    David Letterman's longtime announcer stopped by just days before Dave's final show.
  • 05-18 Different Kind Of Cat

    Terry Collins said Matt Harvey was a different kind of cat. Jerry thought he was talking about Noah Syndergaard. This led to some confusion on the air this morning.
  • 05-18 Jerry's First Update

    Noah gets his first win, the Yankees skid continues & the Rangers prep for a Game 2.
  • 05-18 The First For Thor

    The guys opened the show talking abou Noah Syndergaard & Rangers Lightning Game 2.
  • Friday, May 15th
  • 05-15 Friday Podcast

    Deflation/inflation, baseball & hockey talk from Mohegan Sun in Connecticut.
  • 05-15 Preakness Picks

    The guys make their picks for the Preakness Stakes.
  • 05-15 Moment Of The Day

    Craig "The Inflator" raps about food, talks about food and pretends to eat food.
  • 05-15 Pierre McGuire

    Pierre McGuire from NBC Sports joins the guys to preview the Rangers' matchup against the Lightning in the Eastern Conference Finals.
  • 05-15 Mitchell Etess

    The guys talk to Mitchell Etess, CEO of Mohegan Tribal Gaming Authority, as they broadcast live from the Mohegan Sun in Connecticut.
  • 05-15 Craig The Inflator

    Craig gives himself the title of "The Inflator" after seeing a picture of his face that he did not like.
  • 05-15 Jerry's First Update

    The Rockets complete a huge comeback in LA, the Cavaliers move on and the Yankees and Mets both lose.
  • 05-15 The Deflator

    The guys open the show by ripping apart the Patriots' rebuttal to Ted Wells' "Deflategate" report, live from Patriot territory at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut. They also recap a bad day for the local baseball teams and talk a little about Tampa Bay before the Rangers start their series against the Lightning.
  • Thursday, May 14th
  • B&C Postgame for Thursday

    On today's podcast the guys discussed Odell Beckham's rise to fame, tweeting your pizza order, online dating, the Orioles doing the right thing and we wrapped up the Rangers big win!
  • 05-14 Thursday Podcast

    Rangers move on, bonding with Boomer & Jorge Posada stops by.
  • 05-14 Moment Of The Day

    Boomer's Ranger belt.
  • 05-14 Jorge Posada

    The former Yankee catcher joins B&C in-studio to talk about his comments on A-Rod, his career & new book.
  • 05-14 Bonding With Boomer

    Al & Boomer share a moment in Vegas which leads to Craig discovering a gift the Booms got on Father's Day.
  • 05-14 Jerry's First Update

    Rangers move on, Mets spoil Harvey Day & Jorge Posada says A-Rod should not be in the Hall of Fame.
  • 05-14 Rangers Win Baby!

    A very tired Boomer Esiason couldn't be any happier this morning as his beloved Blue Shirts advanced on in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.
  • Wednesday, May 13th
  • B&C Postgame for Wednesday

    We Discuss: Opening Your Pool, Deer Urine, Thousand Pound Club, Chipotle, and Loving Your Car
  • 05-13 Wednesday Podcast

    Game 7, Boomer's gift & Craig shows off his improv skills.
  • 05-13 Moment Of The Day

    Craig puts his own twist on a famous scene from 'A Few Good Men'.
  • 05-13 Family Fued

    Boomer & Jerry answer the bonus round questions.
  • 05-13 Goose & Maverick

    Boomer has a very special gift idea for Craig.
  • 05-13 Jerry's First Update

    The Caps & Rangers prepare for Game 7, Noah Syndergaard impresses & Ted Wells fires back at the Pats & Tom Brady.
  • 05-13 Game 7

    The guys give their thoughts on Caps Rangers & Noah Syndergaard's major league debut.
  • Tuesday, May 12th
  • B&C Postgame for Tuesday

    We Discuss: Installing Smoke Detectors, Breadsticks and Carbs, and no more American Idol
  • 05-12 Tuesday Podcast

    Tom Brady suspended, the Suzyn Waldman rap & Boomer talks ball manipulation.
  • 05-12 Moment Of The Day

    Suzyn Waldman rap.
  • 05-12 Ball Manipulation

    This whole Deflagate situation has people saying things they never thought they would say, including Boomer.
  • 05-12 Uh-Oh

    Who knew Suzyn Waldman had some skills on the mic?!