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  • Monday, May 23rd
  • Donald Trump's Second Wall

    Politico Reporter Ben Schreckinger on the proposal to build a wall around Donald Trump's luxury golf resort on the Irish Coast, which is dealing with erosion.
  • Friday, May 20th
  • The DNC Offers Concessions to Bernie Sanders

    Abby Phillip with the Washington Post talks about the concession the Democratic National Committee has offered to Bernie Sanders in an effort to smooth things over.
  • Thursday, May 19th
  • LGBT Protections for Employees of Federal Contractors

    Long Island Congressman Steve Israel (D-NY) talks about the bill killed in the House today, which aimed at protecting LGBT employees of federal contractors. 
  • Wednesday, May 18th
  • Donald Trump's Supreme Court Picks and Bernie Sanders Issues with the Democratic Establishment

    CBS News Correspondent Steven Portnoy on the list Donald Trump released today with the names of those he might appoint to the Supreme Court. He also talks about the latest issues Bernie Sanders is having with the Democratic establishment. 
  • Tuesday, May 17th
  • Democratic Primary Day in Kentucky and Oregon

    CBS News Correspondent Nancy Cordes discusses the expectations of today's Democratic primaries in Kentucky and Oregon.
  • Monday, May 16th
  • Will There be a Nasty General Election Campaign?

    New York Times Political Correspondent Patrick Healey talks about Donald Trump's comments that he will attack Hillary Clinton's character in the months to come. 
  • Friday, May 13th
  • Donald Trump's Tax Returns

    Maggie Haberman of the New York Times discusses Donald Trump's refusal to release his tax returns. He says the tax rate he pays isn't the public's concern and he doesn't believe voters have a right or want to see his tax returns. Trump also says he can't release his returns because he's being audited.
  • Thursday, May 12th
  • The Suffolk County Executive is Asking the District Attorney to Step Down

    WCBS Reporter Sophia Hall tells us why Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone is asking Suffolk County District Attorney Tom Spota to resign. 
  • Wednesday, May 11th
  • Bernie Sanders and the Delegate Race

    CBS News Correspondent Nancy Cordes talks about Bernie Sanders' win in West Virginia last night, and how it impacts his campaign and the delegate race.
  • Tuesday, May 10th
  • The Search for Donald Trump's Vice Presidential Candidate

    Washington Post National Political Reporter Robert Costa talks about the story he broke today, that Donald Trump's campaign manager Corey Lewandowski will oversee the search for Trump's vice presidential candidate.
  • Monday, May 9th
  • Paul Ryan, Donald Trump, and the Republican Party

    CBS News Correspondent Steven Portnoy talks about House Speaker Paul Ryan's comment about stepping down as head of the Republican National Convention, if Donald Trump asks him. Ryan is scheduled to meet with Trump this week.
  • Friday, May 6th
  • Will the GOP Unite Behind Trump?

    Politico's Mike Allen, who sat down today with Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus, talks about whether the party’s hierarchy is ready to unite behind Donald Trump.
  • Thursday, May 5th
  • Donald Trump Gets the Ball Rolling on General Election Campaign Fundraising

    CBS News Senior Political Editor Steve Chaggaris discusses Donald Trump's new campaign fundraising efforts, after the presumptive nominee funded much of his primary campaign by himself.
  • Wednesday, May 4th
  • John Kasich Drops Out of the Race

    Philip Rucker of the Washington Post, on John Kasich's departure from the Republican race...and where we go from here, with Donald Trump as the presumptive GOP nominee.
  • Tuesday, May 3rd
  • Hillary Clinton in Indiana for Primary Day

    CBS News Correspondent Nancy Cordes talks about Hillary Clinton's attempt to make nice in Indiana after her comment in March about putting coal miners and companies out of business.
  • Monday, May 2nd
  • Presidential Candidates and Tomorrow's Indiana Primary

    CBS News Senior Political Editor Steve Chaggaris discusses how tomorrow's primary in Indiana will affect the presidential candidates and their campaigns.
  • Friday, April 29th
  • Indiana's Governor Endorses Ted Cruz

    CBS News Correspondent Steven Portnoy discusses Indiana Governor Mike Pence's endorsement of Ted Cruz and what impact it might have on the campaign.
  • Thursday, April 28th
  • John Boehner Has Harsh Words for Ted Cruz

    CBS News Senior Political Editor Steve Chaggaris discusses what former Speaker of the House John Boehner is saying about Ted Cruz, calling him "Lucifer in the flesh."
  • Wednesday, April 27th
  • Ted Cruz to Announce Carly Fiorina as His Running Mate

    Politico Reporter Alex Isenstadt, who broke the story that Ted Cruz will announce Carly Fiorina as his running mate. 
  • Tuesday, April 26th
  • The Connecticut Primary

    Doug Schwartz, Director of the Quinnipiac University Poll, on today's primary in Connecticut and how the candidates are expected to fare.
  • Monday, April 25th
  • A Preview of Tuesday's Primaries in Five States

    CBS News Correspondent Nancy Cordes with a look at the Democratic race for President ahead of tomorrow's five primaries.
  • Wednesday, April 20th
  • Delegates and the New York Primary

    CBS News Senior Political Editor Steve Chaggaris on the delegate math after New York's primary and previews the five other primaries coming up next week. 
  • Tuesday, April 19th
  • Trump/Koch Comparison

    NY Times Presidential Campaign Correspondent Maggie Haberman draws comparisons between Donald Trump and former NYC Mayor Ed Koch.
  • Monday, April 18th
  • Intricacies of Voting in New York

    CBS News Director of Elections Anthony Salvanto breaks down what New York's closed primary means and how it will impact this year's Presidential election. 
  • Friday, April 15th
  • New Polling Looks Good For Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders Visits the Vatican

    CBS News Correspondent Steven Portnoy on positive poll numbers out for Hillary Clinton today and last night's Democratic debate in Brooklyn. He also discusses Bernie Sanders and his trip to the Vatican and how some of Donald Trump's former "Apprentice" contestants coming out against him.
  • Wednesday, April 13th
  • Trump/Nomination Process

    CBS News Correspondent Steven Portnoy on Donald Trump saying the Republican Presidential Nomination Process is "Rigged". Portnoy discusses how Trump may be winning with the public but not so much with the delegates. 
  • Tuesday, April 12th
  • Donald Trump and Long Island

    New York Times Reporter Nick Confessore on the love/hate relationship between Donald Trump and Long Island residents and the impact it could have on the New York primary.
  • Monday, April 11th
  • Hillary Clinton on the Offensive Against Bernie Sanders

    CBS News Senior Political Editor Steve Chaggaris on Hillary Clinton's most recent comments regarding Bernie Sanders. She's campaigning in New York today ahead of next Tuesday's primary.
  • Friday, April 8th
  • The Democratic Campaigns

    CBS News Senior Political Editor Steve Chaggaris on the latest with Hillary Clinton's campaign swing through New York, 11 days ahead of the state’s primary. He also discusses Bernie Sanders' upcoming trip to the Vatican.
  • Thursday, April 7th
  • Ted Cruz Visits New York

    Albany Bureau Chief for Politico New York Jimmy Vielkind breaks down the message Ted Cruz tried to spread during his visit to Schenectady County, New York today. Cruz will also be visiting a matzah factory in Brooklyn.
  • Wednesday, April 6th
  • John Kasich's Meeting in Washington

    Senior Washington Correspondent at Politico Anna Palmer on Governor John Kasich's meeting with Republican donors in Washington today. She also discusses what a contested convention could mean for him in Cleveland.
  • Tuesday, April 5th
  • Donald Trump's Plan for the Wall

    CBS News Correspondent Margaret Brennan on Donald Trump's new memo detailing his plan to force Mexico to pay for a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. She also discusses President Obama's reaction to the proposal.
  • Outsmarting Bigger Competitors

    Joe Connolly with one of the panelists at last week's WCBS Small Business Breakfast, Mitch Modell. The Modell's CEO gives advice on how change can help outsmart bigger competitors.
  • Friday, April 1st
  • Mayor Bill De Blasio

    Mayor Bill De Blasio speaks with Lynda Lopez on a variety of topics, including the new $15 an hour minimum wage.
  • Thursday, March 31st
  • Donald Trump Meets with Party Leaders

    Politico reporter Alex Isenstadt on Donald Trump's meeting with Republican leaders in Washington, D.C. today. 
  • Wednesday, March 30th
  • A Look at Donald Trump's Campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski

    Washington Post National Political Correspondent Karen Tumulty discusses her conversation with Corey Lewandowski, Donald Trump's campaign manager. He has been charged with misdemeanor battery after a run-in with a reporter.
  • Monday, March 28th
  • Bernie Sanders Successes Leads to an Influx of Campaign Donations

    Senior Investigative Producer at Politico Ken Vogel on how Bernie Sander's successful weekend has led to lots of campaign donations.
  • Friday, March 25th
  • Attacks on the Wives of the Presidential Candidates

    CBS News Correspondent Steve Portnoy on the latest issues in the presidential race, with the candidates' wives getting dragged into it.
  • Thursday, March 24th
  • The Latest Monmouth Poll on Potential Presidential Matchups

    Patrick Murray, Director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute, about some hypothetical November matchups.
  • Wednesday, March 23rd
  • Hypothetical Presidential Matchups

    Tim Malloy of the Quinnipiac Poll shares some interesting numbers on some hypothetical presidential matchups.
  • Monday, March 21st
  • What Kind of Diplomat Would Donald Trump Be?

    Washington Post Political Reporter Philip Rucker on Donald Trump's discussion with the paper's editorial board about the candidate's foreign policy plans.
  • Friday, March 18th
  • More Talk of the Possibility for a Brokered Republican Convention

    CBS News Correspondent Steven Portnoy discusses the latest talk about the possibility of a brokered Republican Convention in Cleveland this summer. He breaks down how Donald Trump could win the nomination before the convention and who would benefit from a brokered convention.
  • Thursday, March 17th
  • Senate Democrats Call for Republicans to Hold Confirmation Hearings for Merrick Garland

    New York Times Congressional Reporter David Herszenhorn on the press conference Senate Democrats held outside the Supreme Court today, calling on Republicans to hold hearings on the President's nominee to replace Justice Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court. He also discusses the Republicans reaction to the President's nomination of Merrick Garland.
  • Wednesday, March 16th
  • Monday's Fox News Debate Canceled

    New York Magazine National Affairs Editor Gabriel Sherman talks about the cancelation of Monday's scheduled Fox News debate in Utah, after Donald Trump - and then John Kasich - said they would not attend.
  • Monday, March 14th
  • Several Primaries in Important States Will Be Held Tomorrow

    CBS News Polling Analyst Fred Backus previews tomorrow's primaries in Ohio, Florida, and Michigan.
  • Friday, March 11th
  • Ben Carson Endorses Trump and a Look Ahead to the Next Round of Presidential Primaries

    CBS News Senior Political Editor Steve Chaggaris on Ben Carson's endorsement of Donald Trump, last night's Republican debate, and the next round of primaries for Democrats and Republicans on Tuesday. 
  • Thursday, March 10th
  • What's a Republican Voter to Do?

    Long Island Representative Peter King (R-NY) on what he will do as a Republican voter should Donald Trump become the party nominee.
  • Wednesday, March 9th
  • How Did the Polls Get It Wrong in Michigan?

    CBS News Polling Analyst Fred Backus on how the polls predicted a comfortable win for Hillary Clinton, but in the end Bernie Sanders won the close primary race.
  • Tuesday, March 8th
  • The Latest Round of Primaries

    CBS News Senior Political Editor Steve Chaggaris breaks down the primaries in Michigan, Mississippi, and Idaho, as well as the Hawaii caucus. 
  • A Big Tuesday for the Democratic Presidential Race

    CBS News Correspondent Nancy Cordes on last night's Democratic debate. She also previews the two Democratic primaries tomorrow. 
  • Friday, March 4th
  • A Brokered Republican Convention

    Senior Political Correspondent at Yahoo News Jon Ward talks about why a brokered convention is the last thing Donald Trump wants to see.
  • Thursday, March 3rd
  • Chris Christie Sticks by Donald Trump

    WCBS Reporter Peter Haskell on New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's meeting with reporters in Trenton today. Christie says he's not resigning and he is still backing Donald Trump. 
  • Wednesday, March 2nd
  • Chris Christie and Donald Trump

    Editorial Page Editor at the Star-Ledger Tom Moran discusses why New Jersey Governor Chris Christie looked so miserable as he stood behind Donald Trump last night, even after Trump won seven states on Super Tuesday.
  • Monday, February 29th
  • Keeping the Heat on Trump and Super Tuesday

    CBS News Political Director and "Face the Nation" moderator John Dickerson on Marco Rubio's criticisms of Donald Trump's failure to immediately denounce David Duke and the KKK. He also discusses what Super Tuesday means for candidates like Rubio, Ted Cruz, and Hillary Clinton.
  • Friday, February 26th
  • Chris Christie Endorses Donald Trump

    CBS News Senior Political Editor Steve Chaggaris on the surprise of Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ) endorsing Donald Trump and what it means for the presidential race.
  • Thursday, February 25th
  • Tonight's Republican Debate in Houston

    CBS News Correspondent Steven Portnoy previews tonight's Republican debate in Houston, Texas. It's an important night for the candidates, with Super Tuesday less than one week away.
  • Wednesday, February 24th
  • Nevada and Super Tuesday

    CBS News Senior Political Editor Steve Chaggaris on the results of the Nevada caucuses and a look ahead to Super Tuesday. 
  • Tuesday, February 23rd
  • John Kasich and the Republican Establishment

    Political Reporter at Politico Kyle Cheney on his article, which questions if the Republican establishment wants to John Kasich (R-Ohio) to just go away.
  • Monday, February 22nd
  • Campaign Trail Roundup

    Steve Scott and Michael Wallace roundup the latest news on the campaign trail.
  • Friday, February 19th
  • New Marist Poll Results Ahead of Tomorrow's South Carolina Primary

    The GOP South Carolina primary is tomorrow, and a new Marist Poll shows Donald Trump leading Ted Cruz by just five points. Marist Poll Director Lee Miringoff spoke to WCBS.

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