Health and Well Being

Health and Well Being

WCBS Newsradio 880: Daily Tips for Healthy Living from Pat Farnack
  • Thursday, December 8th
  • No Substitute for Good Judgment

    Dr. Stieg discusses how helmets are important but sometimes they make kids feel invincible. Helmets are no substitute for good judgment.
  • Wednesday, December 7th
  • Kids and Concussions

    Dr. Stieg tells us what parents need to know about concussions and how the coach is key.
  • Tuesday, December 6th
  • What Happens on the Sidelines

    Dr. Philip Stieg gives us more information on what they ask injured players on the sidelines if they get knocked in the head.
  • Monday, December 5th
  • The NFL Response to Concussion

    Dr. Stieg acts as a consultant on the sidelines at NFL games and talks about the NFL response to concussion.
  • Friday, December 2nd
  • What You May Not Have Known about Concussions

    Dr. Stieg talks about how pre-existing conditions before a person gets a concussion or brain injury can interfere with recovery.
  • Dr. Philip Stieg, Chairman of the Department of Neurological Surgery at Weill Cornell Brain and Spine Center

    Dr. Philip Stieg, Chairman of the Department of Neurological Surgery at Weill Cornell Brain and Spine Center, bringing us up to date on concussions.
  • Thursday, December 1st
  • Billions and Billions of Bugs

    Much of the problem with us not getting enough nutrients has a lot to do with the billions and billions of bugs that live within us. These days, they can't cope.
  • Wednesday, November 30th
  • They Really Don't Mind Needles

    Dr. Comite says some people don't mind the IV needles and prefer them over pills.
  • Tuesday, November 29th
  • Is Hydration Therapy Dangerous?

    Dr. Comite says since the infusion is pre-mixed, there isn't a danger of getting too much.
  • Monday, November 28th
  • A Really Quick Way to Get Your Vitamins

    Precision Medicine Dr. Florence Comite tells us what hydration therapy is and why it is used.
  • Precision Medicine Dr. Florence Comite

    Precision Medicine Dr. Florence Comite talks about hydration therapy, which uses an IV to inject vitamins and needed nutrients right into the blood stream, bypassing the GI tract. By using hydration therapy there should be no absorption problem.
  • Friday, November 25th
  • Hearing Yourself Chew

    Paul Kita says loud, noisy rooms can make one over-eat.
  • Thursday, November 24th
  • What, No Entrée?

    We are almost programmed to eat the most at the actual meal, but Paul Kita says eating tasty nibbles beforehand can make you eat sensibly later.
  • Wednesday, November 23rd
  • Party Smarter

    Paul Kita suggests you load up on fiber and protein before dinner at holiday parties. That way there's less chance of overdoing it later.
  • Paul Kita, Food and Nutrition Editor of Men's Health Magazine

    Food and Nutrition Editor of Men's Health Magazine Paul Kita gives us ways to party smarter during the holidays.
  • Tuesday, November 22nd
  • A Steady Hand

    Dr. Seilesh Babu talks about how fixing otosclerosis requires a very steady hand for the microscopic surgery.
  • Monday, November 21st
  • A Finger in Your Ear

    Dr. Seilesh Babu says before the procedure, it can sound like you have a finger in your ear. Afterward patients are usually in tears, they are so happy.
  • Friday, November 18th
  • How to Fix Otosclerosis

    Dr. Seilesh Babu describes how they go about fixing this condition.
  • Thursday, November 17th
  • What is Otosclerosis?

    Dr. Seilesh Babu describes what otosclerosis is, how it can have a hereditary component and says it often strikes more women than men. 
  • Dr. Seilesh Babu, Surgeon with the Michigan Ear Institute

    Dr. Seilesh Babu, a surgeon with the Michigan Ear Institute, talks about otosclerosis and the surgery to fix this calcification of the inner ear.
  • Wednesday, November 16th
  • The Scale Really is Your Friend

    To make you more accountable over the holidays, Nutrisystem CEO Dawn Zier suggests weighing yourself more often. You can keep a better handle on your weight, rather than being surprised at the end of the year.
  • Tuesday, November 15th
  • The Danger Zone

    President and CEO of NutriSystem Dawn Zier says with all the socializing between Halloween and New Year's Day, it's easier to just not put those pounds on in the first place, than plot how to take them off afterward. It's estimated to take five months to lose that holiday weight. Zier says with a program like NutriSystem you can take it off much more quickly.
  • Monday, November 14th
  • Dawn Zier, President and CEO of NutriSystem

    President and CEO of NutriSystem Dawn Zier tells us how to keep the pounds off during the holidays.
  • The Chipmunk Strategy

    President and CEO of NutriSystem Dawn Zier says try to lose a few pounds leading up to Thanksgiving, and be good when there aren't any parties or gatherings.
  • Friday, November 11th
  • One Therapy, Many Diseases

    Dr. Missling says the exciting thing about the therapy which Anavex is testing now on Alzheimer's disease is that they are also proceeding on testing it against Parkinson's, MS and Retts Syndrome.
  • Thursday, November 10th
  • The Cause of Alzheimer's

    Dr. Missling believes there are chronic causes which run the gamut that can cause Alzheimer's. It may be as different as the many people who get the disease.
  • Wednesday, November 9th
  • Dr. Christopher Missling, President and CEO of Anavex

    Dr. Christopher Missling, President and CEO of the drug company Anavex, discusses their research compounds to treat Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and many other heartbreaking diseases.
  • Out of Balance

    Dr. Christopher Missling says the research Anavex has been doing on Alzheimer's focuses on cells which are out of balance. Their compound acts on bringing those cells back into balance.
  • Tuesday, November 8th
  • Feel Better and Quiet the Spirit

    Chris Derby SJ discusses why the "silent treatment" seems to work on removing people from their usual "noisy" environments. They end up feeling better and quieting the spirit.
  • Monday, November 7th
  • Spiritual Growth

    At the retreat, you have the chance to do a little bit of talking with your assigned spiritual director, who is an excellent listener and can sometimes lead you to answers by what you don't say. They also offer month-long silent retreats.
  • Thursday, November 3rd
  • It's in the Quiet

    As Chris Derby describes it, often it's "in the quiet" that we can find God, or peace, or answers or ourselves or....all of the above.
  • Wednesday, November 2nd
  • A Silent Retreat

    Sometimes one needs the absence of distractions and a peaceful venue in which to sort things out.
  • Chris Derby SJ, with the Jesuit Center for Spiritual Growth

    Listen to Chris Derby SJ, with the Jesuit Center for Spiritual Growth in Wernersville, Pennsylvania. They operate all sorts of retreats there at the monastery and Pat Farnack attended a silent weekend retreat there last weekend. No cellphones, media, no talking. Although it is Catholic and run by the Jesuits it is non-denominational, with all kinds of people looking for a few answers or a little peace attending.
  • Tuesday, November 1st
  • Your Bad Old Ways

    When asked if Perry Garfinkel returned to his "bad old ways," he says NO.
  • Monday, October 31st
  • Going to Vietnam

    Perry Garfinkel says seeing Vietnam was fascinating, especially his close-up experience with Vietnamese medicine.
  • Sunday, October 30th
  • New York Times Contributor Perry Garfinkel

    New York Times contributor Perry Garfinkel, who investigates the health and wellness movements all around the world, speaks with Pat Farnack. Recently, he looked into the Six Senses Wellness Program at luxury hotels worldwide. He went to Vietnam and their hotel at Ninh Van Bay, Vietnam.
  • Six Senses

    Perry Garfinkel was interested in wellness programs, especially at hotel chains around the world with an integration of eastern and western medicines. One important point, don't just check in at the hotel and stay at the spa the entire time, says Perry. Put your experience into context by familiarizing yourself with the country, too.
  • Thursday, October 27th
  • Knowing You Are Lovable

    Carol E. Miller describes how the eye movement therapy EMDR made her realize she was loveable and how she really needed to put the trauma of that long ago small plane crash behind her.
  • Wednesday, October 26th
  • Shedding Bad Feelings

    Carol E. Miller talks about how EMDR helped her put her survival of a small plane crash into perspective.
  • Tuesday, October 25th
  • Eye Movement Therapy, or EMDR

    Carol E. Miller's therapist suggested EMDR or eye movement therapy, which focuses on re-living traumatic events.
  • Fallout from a Small Plane Crash

    Carol E. Miller was depressed and not getting anywhere in life when her therapist figured out her survival of a small plane crash when she was 16 may have be the traumatic event which was keeping her from moving forward.
  • Author Carol E. Miller

    Author Carol E. Miller discusses EMDR, an eye movement therapy for those who've gone through traumatic events. The eye movement is similar to the movement during REM sleep except the person is awake.
  • Sunday, October 23rd
  • Expressive Writing

    Dr. Hanscom says overcoming chronic pain starts with expressive writing. Picking up your pen and writing for several minutes every day and then being able to re-frame and decide who you choose to be on any given day.
  • Thursday, October 20th
  • Pain and Being a Victim

    Dr. Hanscom says you cannot conquer chronic pain unless you give your brain something else to think about. That's when new pathways in the brain can be created and pain can subside. In order to do this, a person has to stop being a victim, which Hanscom says he was for years.
  • What is Neuroplasticity?

    Dr. Hanscom explains how neuroplasticity works through re-framing and re-programming. You need to ask yourself: who do I choose to be today?
  • Tuesday, October 18th
  • Spine Surgeon and Author Dr. David Hanscom

    Spine surgeon Dr. David Hanscom talks about his book "Back in Control," which is about how to battle pain.
  • Obsessed with the Pain

    Pain can shrink your brain, but Dr. David Hanscom says through re-programming you can re-grow and invigorate your brain, as you stop obsessively thinking about your pain.
  • Do We Know Enough?

    Dr. Florence Comite says neither candidate has released any meaningful information, just superficial. 
  • Monday, October 17th
  • Presidential Candidates' Health

    Dr. Florence Comite says when it comes to the health of presidential candidates, the more we know, the better.
  • Precision Medicine Dr. Florence Comite

    Precision Medicine Dr. Florence Comite talks about the presidential candidates' health. She also discusses how what you see isn't always what you get, health-wise.
  • Friday, October 14th
  • A Tasting Spoon

    Paul Kita feels many people don't use the all-important meat thermometer when they cook. He also likes the tasting spoon.
  • Wednesday, October 12th
  • Your Kitchen Cutting Board

    Paul Kita says don't use the same cutting board for raw meat as for other food items without thoroughly washing it first. He also discusses using separate cutting boards.
  • Tuesday, October 11th
  • Are TV Chefs the Best Role Models?

    Editor Paul Kita says TV chefs are sometimes not the best role models in the kitchen. Although perhaps it is edited out for TV, you rarely see chefs wash their hands, for instance.
  • Food and Nutrition Editor Paul Kita at Men's Health Magazine

    Paul Kita, Food and Nutrition Editor at Men's Health Magazine, speaks with Pat Farnack about TV chefs and kitchen safety.
  • Monday, October 10th
  • Tired Eyes

    Dr. Lim recommends you get a baseline eye exam at your eye doctor's. Keep in mind kids can get eye strain, too. Remember, they are often holding those devices up to their eyes more closely than we are.
  • Sunday, October 9th
  • Dr. Tommy Lim of Berryessa Optometry

    Dr. Tommy Lim of Berryessa Optometry in Silicon Valley, California speaks with Pat Farnack about the additional screen time we are subjecting our eyes to now that the weather is turning cooler. Dr. Lim discusses how it can "stress" our eyes and how blue light from our devices can cause headaches and damage our sleep.
  • The New iPhone and Your Eyes

    Dr. Lim describes how the relatively new BluTech lenses can calm the eye.  With the new iPhone 7's "Retina HD Display," the colors are so much more vibrant. Plus, there is so much more that can be done as people experiment with their new phones it can lead to eye strain.  TV screen time can also tire the eyes.
  • Thursday, October 6th
  • Treating Jimmy Carter

    An example of the new wave of cancer treatment is former President Jimmy Carter.
  • Treating Cancer Like We Treat AIDS

    Just as AIDS is now treated as a chronic disease with a drug cocktail, Dr. Wilson foresees cancer being treated that way, too. With a number of different therapies they can keep the disease at bay.
  • Tuesday, October 4th
  • A Vaccine Multitasker

    Dr. Glynn Wilson says they are hopeful the vaccine will not only help fight cancer but also help healthy patients from getting cancer in the first place, much like a flu shot.

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