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Seen At 11: High-Tech Security Systems Give Customers Peace Of Mind

As technology continues to change, so does the way that people choose to protect their homes. Cable TV systems now give homeowners the option to monitor their homes, providing instant security.


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Allergic To Water? Rare Condition Baffles Doctors And Patients Alike

Some patients are so sensitive, their own tears and sweat can cause a reaction. Doctors say even they are not sure of the exact mechanism of why a patient develops a water allergy.


Hairdresser Roger Least spotted a little irritation behind the ear of Glenda Vanry.  (credit: CBS 2)

Hair Stylists Saving Lives By Spotting Clients’ Skin Cancer

You think of your hairdresser as saving you from bad hair days. But now, your favorite stylist just may save your life.


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Project Therapy: A New Take On Marriage Counseling

Marriage counseling can be tough, especially if one partner doesn’t want to participate. But now, a growing number of therapists are taking a completely different approach that may help get more spouses on board.


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Living Large In A $20 Million Upper East Side Residence

Built in 1910, the home was the beginning of luxurious apartment living. The original curved staircase and stained glass double height curved church window are things the Guggenheim family imported from Europe.