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Penne and Brussels sprouts (CBS 2)

Stephanie & Tony’s Table: Brussels Sprouts & Penne

Stephanie and Tony make this colorful and tasty pasta dish — perfect for pasta and veggie lovers alike.


Frisee salad (CBS 2)

Stephanie & Tony’s Table: Frisee Salad

Stephanie and Tony Tantillo show how to make breakfast for lunch!


(credit: Stephanie Tantillo/CBS 2)

Stephanie & Tony’s Table: Olive Chicken

Stephanie and Tony Tantillo have a mouth watering chicken dish you won’t want to miss.


Linguini with turkey (Stephanie Tantillo)

Stephanie & Tony’s Table: Linguini With Turkey

Not sure what to do with leftover turkey? Stephanie and Tony have you covered.


(credit: Stephanie Tantillo/CBS 2)

Stephanie & Tony’s Table: Risotto With Squash And Almonds

Tony and Stephanie Tantillo show how easy it is to make this perfect dish for fall.


Spinach Provolone Chicken (CBS 2)

Stephanie & Tony’s Table: Spinach Provolone Chicken

Stephanie and Tony Tantillo with this colorful chicken dish sure to brighten up your dinner table.


Pasta with ricotta (CBS 2)

Stephanie & Tony’s Table: Pasta With Ricotta

If you love ricotta cheese — and who doesn’t — you will love this pasta dish!


Farfalle with tuna and peas (CBS 2)

Stephanie & Tony’s Table: Farfalle With Tuna and Peas

Not sure what to do with that can of tuna? Tony and Stephanie show how to make this easy pasta dish that is sure to please.


Fennel With Tomatoes (Stephanie Tantillo)

Stephanie & Tony’s Table: Fennel With Tomatoes And Bread Crumbs

Stephanie and Tony Tantillo show how to make this light and delicious dish.


Tuna Stuffed Peppers (CBS 2)

Stephanie & Tony’s Table: Tuna Stuffed Peppers

Stephanie and Tony Tantillo show how easy it is to make this tasty tuna appetizer.


Tony's Table

Stephanie & Tony’s Table: Chicken With Spinach And Orzo

Tony and Stephanie Tantillo whip up this tasty dish sure to satisfy.


Zuppa di Pesce (Stephanie Tantillo)

Stephanie & Tony’s Table: Zuppa di Pesce

Stephanie and Tony Tantillo make this delicious seafood pasta dish you’re guaranteed to crave later!


Pasta With Spinach

Stephanie & Tony’s Table: Pasta With Spinach

If you can’t decide between pasta or salad, we have a great recipe for you.


White beans and tomatoes (Stephanie Tantillo)

Stephanie & Tony’s Table: White Beans And Tomatoes

Got beans? Got tomatoes? Stephanie and Tony have got a great recipe for you!


Crunchy Cauliflower (Stephanie Tantillo)

Stephanie & Tony’s Table: Crunchy Cauliflower With Tomatoes

If you like cauliflower, you’ll love this recipe from Tony and Stephanie.