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A sophisticated gang of thieves has ransacked an affluent Long Island town, ripping off seven heavy or bolted down safes, police said. (Photo: CBS 2)

Exclusive: Sophisticated Safe-Robbing Spree Stuns Affluent Long Island Town

A strange pattern of burglaries has a Long Island neighborhood on edge. Crooks are targeting homes with safes, and carrying off prized valuables.


New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg - Jan. 22, 2013 (credit: Spencer T Tucker / Mayor's Office)

Exclusive: Stunning Charges Of Severe Ticket Quota Policy Rock NYC Dept. Of Consumer Affairs

Michael Bloomberg, the mayor known in some circles as “El Bloombito” is now being called “Ticket Me Elmo” by a bevy of small business owners crushed by the profusion of tickets being handed out by Department of Consumer Affairs inspectors, who told CBS 2 that they have to meet quotes – or else.


The NYPD is learning the language of the Internet, cracking code words on social media sites to help catch gang members. (Photo: CBS 2)

Exclusive: Gang Members Beware — NYPD Now Knows Your Social Media Lingo

Call it a sign of the times. Police officers with the 44th Precinct — an area that includes the south Bronx and Yankee Stadium — are turning to the Internet to help fight crime.


Blind Brook-Rye Free Union School District Superintendent William Stark. (Photo: CBS 2)

EXCLUSIVE: Westchester School Administrator’s Double Dipping Infuriates Public

A school superintendent in Westchester County, in fact, is raising eyebrows by going through the motions of retirement without even changing offices.


This little dog's owner is furious after she said it was killed by a bigger dog on the street, but yet the man walking the attacking animal never stopped to offer help. (Photo: handout)

EXCLUSIVE: Woman Seeks Dog — And Owner — In Brutal Killing Of Her Dog

A routine trip to walk the dog turned into a nightmare for a Brooklyn woman. On Monday she tracked down surveillance video, showing the savage attack on her dog by another dog whose owner did nothing to help.


LIPA's Glenwood Power Station will be demolished this summer, but its removal could lead to big financial problems for nearby towns. (Photo: CBS 2)

EXCLUSIVE: Eyesore National Grid Plant’s Demise May Mean Problems For Nearby Towns

It has been a fixture on the Long Island landscape since the 1920s — and not a pretty one. An old power plant is finally coming down, but residents nearby said they are worried about their taxes going way up.


A Long Island attorney is suing Southampton village officials, claiming that 'McMansion' homes are being built on land not scaled for homes so big. (Photo: CBS 2)

EXCLUSIVE: Hamptons Resident On 1-Woman Crusade Against ‘McMansions’

They are the homes that dreams are made of – 12-foot ceilings, eight bedrooms. Mega mansions are popping up all over the Hamptons. But one resident said “not in my backyard,” so she’s taking her fight to federal court.


Billy and Ashley Streiter were killed back in 2003 on the Garden State Parkway by a drunk driver. Their parents have fought the good fight against drinking and driving ever since. (Photo: CBS 2)

EXCLUSIVE: N.J. Couple Uses Somber Anniversary To Continue Fight Against Drunk Driving

A New Jersey couple is taking action after losing two of their children to a drunk driver exactly 10 years ago. They are taking aim at drunk drivers, and helping their victims.


An investigation is underway into why 8-year-old Anthony Suarez, a special needs student, was left on a school bus all alone for five hours on March 11, 2013. (Photo: CBS 2)

Not Again! Another Special Needs Student Left Abandoned On A School Bus

They were hired to protect, but instead were arrested for neglect. A bus driver and matron face charges for allegedly leaving a special education student on a school bus for five hours in the cold.


Women Training For FDNY (CBS 2)

EXCLUSIVE: Behind The Scenes Look At Women Training To Join FDNY

They yearn to be part of New York’s Bravest, but to stand shoulder to shoulder with the men of the FDNY, women have to endure the same grueling entrance exam.


(credit: CBS 2)

EXCLUSIVE: DOT Investigating After Giant ‘Rock’ Crashes Down Onto Windshield

An innocent driver had a brush with death after a massive chunk of concrete came crashing through her windshield on Thursday.


Electricity meter (credit: CBS 2)

EXCLUSIVE: LIPA Customers Hit With Shockingly High Electricity Bills

Electric bills are out for Sandy victims on Long Island and they are causing a stir.


CBS 2 took a guided tour of Hurricane Sandy-ravaged Mantoloking, N.J., on Jan. 15, 2013. Officials believe the town will ultimately lose half of its homes and will not be rebuilt for years. (Photo: CBS 2)

EXCLUSIVE: Witnessing What’s Left Of Sandy-Ravaged Mantoloking, N.J.

Two hundred damaged homes that still stand will likely come down, officials said. Once that happens, only half of Mantoloking’s 500 homes will remain.


This artillery piece was given as a gift to NYC back during the Civil War, but when workers recently removed the concrete that had sealed the 230-year-old cannon, they found that it was loaded with a cannonball and gun powder. (Photo: CBS 2)

EXCLUSIVE: Loaded Revolutionary War-Era Cannon Found In Central Park

A dangerous and historic discovery was made in Central Park on Friday afternoon. Parks workers came upon a live cannon ball, loaded in a cannon that is getting refurbished.