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The scene inside Clifford Fusco's New Dorp, Staten Island home is not pretty, but his angst has been multiplied by the federal government's inaction because his flood insurance has not been allowed to kick in. (Photo: CBS 2)

EXCLUSIVE: Washington Dysfunction Devastating Those With Flood Insurance

On Friday, Congress will finally vote on the first bit of aid to victims of Superstorm Sandy. That won’t be soon enough for thousands of people, including a Staten Island man who is left out in the cold.


The missing persons poster for 24-year-old Marisha Cheong. (Photo: CBS 2)

EXCLUSIVE: Mysterious Text At Center Of Missing Local Woman Case

The family said it was completely out of character for 24-year-old Marisha Cheong, characterized as steady and dependable, to disappear.


Credit CBS 2

EXCLUSIVE: In Wake Of Subway Push Tragedy, NYC Woman Recalls Her Own Brush With Death

It has been 33 years since the fateful day that Renee Katz made headlines for all of the wrong reasons. Katz, 17 at the time, was a talented flute player getting ready for college.


Cristina LoBrutto (credit: Facebook)

EXCLUSIVE: Family, Friends Of Pathmark Shooting Victim Calling For ‘Cristina’s Law’

The parents of the youngest victim of New Jersey’s supermarket massacre broke their silence on Thursday and are now fighting for what could become “Cristina’s Law” — something they say would prevent future tragedies.


Alleged hazing

EXCLUSIVE: New Rochelle 7th Grader Speaks Of Alleged Football Hazing

It’s a child’s disturbing story of being terrorized at school. The seventh grader described a series of alleged hazing incidents that left him bruised. And members of his middle school football team are the ones accused in the violent confrontations.


Hugh Carey Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel

EXCLUSIVE: MTA’s Incredible Effort To Reopen Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel

Half of the tunnel is open for business. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority is calling it a major accomplishment after nearly 80 million gallons of Sandy’s flood waters rushed down the streets of Manhattan and filled all four lanes of the twin tubes.


Free gas for NYC employees

CBS 2 Investigation: NYC Employees Hoarding Free Gas For First Responders

As millions of drivers alternate days and run on fumes, CBS 2 has uncovered a disturbing loophole for a privileged few. An exclusive investigation discovered city employees getting free gas — originally meant for first responders.


Ivy Mantell

EXCLUSIVE: Huge Reward Offered In Case Of Missing Yonkers Mother

A missing persons’ case has morphed into a possible murder investigation. A mother has been the object of an intense search in Westchester County, and her family is pleading for help to find her — dead or alive.


Virginia Rubino's caddy

EXCLUSIVE: 93-Year-Old Woman Booted From NYC Parking Spot

In New York City, almost as coveted as a parking spot on the street is one in your building’s garage. In Manhattan, a 93-year-old woman has lost her parking place and her son is fighting to get it back.


(file / credit: clipart.com)

EXCLUSIVE: Shocking School Tax Hikes Hit Nassau County

It’s bad news for Nassau County homeowners. School tax bills for many are drastically higher — double digits higher.


U.S. Customs and Border Protection

EXCLUSIVE: U.S. Customs’ Battle Against JFK Airport Contraband

It’s a never-ending battle at our international airports — smugglers, trying to outwit Customs and Border Protection officers. They move contraband in everything from the hems of dresses to packages of hair crème. Now, Customs is fighting back.


A futon mattress falls onto college student Jesse Owen, leaving him with a sprained neck. (credit: Witness Photo via CBS 2)

EXCLUSIVE: Student Talks About Getting Knocked Out By Plummeting Mattress In Manhattan

Jesse Owen was knocked unconscious and had no idea what happened when he opened his eyes to see several people at his side trying to help him.


New Jersey Corrections officers Joe Milutin (L) and Bob Healey (R) won over $3 million in damages in their reverse discrimination suit. (credit: CBS 2)

EXCLUSIVE: N.J. Jury Rules Black Supervisors Discriminated Against White Corrections Officers

The outcome of the lawsuit is seen as a big win for corrections officers Joe Milutin and Bob Healey. Both were awarded over $3 million in damages.


Jersey City robbery

EXCLUSIVE: Jersey City Man Says He Was The Victim In Gang Training Seminar

The man said he was robbed of everything — by a trio of teenagers. Flyers described the youngest as being around 12 and the oldest around 17.