Study Sheds Light On Disturbing Trend In MRI Scans For Back Pain There was disturbing news Friday, about the accuracy of MRI scans for back pain.
New Research Could Mean Earlier Autism Diagnosis, Improved TreatmentAn important development in the early diagnosis of autism could lead to improved treatment.
Take A Stunning Two Minute Trip Around The World With This VideoWatch this two minute and thirty second video to take a quick tour of some of the globe's most breathtaking sights.
Lawmakers Seek To Crack Down On Cellphone TrackingLaw enforcement cellphone tracking devices are coming under scrutiny in at least eight states, with lawmakers introducing proposals ranging from warrant requirements to an outright ban.
Seen At 11: Anonymous Posters Confess Their Deepest Secrets On ‘Whisper’Imagine a social media confessional -- a place where you can publicly confess your darkest thoughts and keep your identity a secret.
No Evidence To Support ‘Safety, Accuracy, Effectiveness’ Of High-Tech Baby Monitors, Doctors SayThere was a warning Wednesday, about high-tech baby monitors. Some models claim to track vital signs, but are they accurate?
Worries Mount Over Virtual Home Assistants Recording Private ConversationsMillions of homes now have virtual assistants that are designed to respond to your verbal commands.
3D Printers Could Bring Digital Dinners To Your HomeCould food soon be going digital? A team of engineers at Columbia University is working with chefs to create a 3D food printing machine for your home.
New Technology Brings Independence To People Suffering From ALS, Parkinson’sThat's the reality for millions of people suffering from disabilities like ALS, paralysis, Parkinson's and more.
Cuomo Calls For Stronger New York State Laws Against CybercrimesGov. Andrew Cuomo wants to strengthen New York state laws against computer hacking, identity theft, and other cybercrimes.
Seen At 11: Want To Make Life Easier In 2017? These Products Can HelpIt's the beginning of a new year, and if making life easier is one of your resolutions then help is on the way.
Consumer Electronics Show Highlights Latest High-Tech Gadgets For Everyone In The FamilyThese days, it seems every device uses smart technology. Now, you can add your hairbrush to the list.

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