Apple Unveils New Features To Curb Addiction To SmartphonesYou can set up time limits for certain apps, and you'll be notified when use time is almost up for those apps. 
5G Wireless Service Is Coming, And So Are Health Concerns Over The Towers That Support It"The cell towers are called small cell towers, but they are not so small when they are in your front yard," said Donna Barron.
How Europe’s New GDPR Impacts Privacy Policies In The U.S., WorldwideYou may have noticed your inbox is flooded lately with several companies suddenly announcing new privacy policies.
New App Translates Babies' Cries So Deaf Parents Understand What's Going OnAn artificial intelligence app is helping deaf parents care for their children by not only telling when a baby might be crying, but also why.
What Is GDPR? Everything You Need To Know About Europe's General Data Protection RegulationsEurope's major privacy law, known as GDPR, goes in effect Friday. Here's what you need to know.
Google Director Of Product Management: The More Complex Your Passwords, The BetterOne of the best ways to protect your digital information is to have a secure password, but it can be difficult to remember a complicated set of letters, numbers and characters.
Facebook Suspends 200 More Apps In Wake Of Cambridge Analytica ScandalFacebook is suspending about 200 apps that it believes may have misused data.
Health Watch: Eye Doctors Concerned About Blue Light From Electronic DevicesYou wouldn't stare at the sun for hours on end, but you're probably doing something every day that could also damage your eyes. Electronic screens all emit blue light and studies suggest that could lead to macular degeneration.

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