According to the last Census report on aging, there’s a large population of people over the age of 65 living in New York City — Queens and Brooklyn were actually ranked #6 and #7 on a list of the top 50 counties in the U.S. with silver citizens. Most recently, CBSNewYork did a round-up of iPhone apps for busy New Yorkers, but what about our aging hipsters? They’re using technology too. In fact, more than 15 million baby boomers have smart phones, and apps specifically designed for this group have been popping up and gaining popularity. Here’s a look at our favorites.


clearcaptions Best iPhone Apps For NYC Baby Boomers

(credit: ClearCaptions)


ClearCaptions is a free phone captioning service that  lets people with hearing troubles actually read what another is saying to them over the phone. It’s like TV captions for your phone, which is great for boomers in the workplace or even for making a call on the busy city streets.


zocdoc Best iPhone Apps For NYC Baby Boomers

(credit: ZocDoc)


ZocDoc lets you book doctor’s appointments instantly for free. Choose the kind of doctor you want, where and when you want to see the doctor, and your insurance carrier/plan. Get a list of NYC doctors and times they have available, and book an appointment right from your app. You can also read reviews written by others, which is helpful in making well-informed doctor’s visits.


2do Best iPhone Apps For NYC Baby Boomers

(credit: 2Do)


2Do lets you create a simple to-do list with a click of the button. Type a name, choose a calendar, and then add optional settings like priority or a note. This app is rich in features and also lets you sync to Microsoft Outlook and share things through text, email and Twitter. This app is perfect for the boomer on the go.

mint com Best iPhone Apps For NYC Baby Boomers


FREE is an app ideal for any financially conscious New Yorker—retirement anyone? Track your money across all your financial accounts, create budget and manage your money right on your phone.


seniorfriendfinder Best iPhone Apps For NYC Baby Boomers

(credit: SeniorFriendFinder)


SeniorFriendFinders helps New Yorkers open opportunities to find a friend or even try new ways to date. Whether looking for travel companions or even a little romance, SeniorFriendFinders is a free way to browse through millions of member profiles and blogs to learn more about people.

  1. Terry says:

    Love these apps! I’ll have to share with my parents.

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