63560811 Resources And Expert Tips For Filing Your Tax Return
Tax Day is creeping up on us. Find the right forms, locate local tax services and get tips from experts for filing your tax return this year.

Get Help

63559981 Resources And Expert Tips For Filing Your Tax Return

If you have a complicated tax return, or just don’t want to go it alone, the services of a professional tax preparer can be invaluable. The Local Pages directory at CBSNewYork.com links you to hundreds of tax services across the Tri-State. Start with the link below, and use your zip code to narrow your search:

CBSNewYork Local Pages Tax Preparer Directory

Don’t Wait On Forms

45378804 Resources And Expert Tips For Filing Your Tax Return

If you need more time to get your paperwork together, you can submit an automatic extension to file. This must be done electronically. Even with an extension, you must pay any taxes you expect to owe by the deadline –  or face penalties and interest on any money owed. An extension to file is NOT an extension to pay.

It used to be that you could count on the IRS sending you the paper forms you needed, but the agency is eliminating that service this year. If you want to file your return by paper, you can print the forms online:

Most Requested Forms:

Tax Form General List
1040 (Individual Tax Return)
1040EZ (Single and Joint Filers with no dependents)
1040 Instructions
W2 & W3 Instructions
W9 (Request for Taxpayer ID Number & Certification)
W9 Instructions
W4 (Employer Withholdings From Pay)
SS-4 (Application For Employer ID Number)
SS-4 Instructions
Direct Deposit Info
1040 (Schedule A) (Itemized Deductions)
1040 (Schedule A) Instructions
1040 (Schedule D) (Capital Gains and Losses)
1040 (Schedule D) Instructions
1040 (Schedule R) (Credit For Elderly or Disabled)
1040 (Schedule R) Instructions
1098-C (Charitable Contributions: Motor Vehicles, Boats, Planes)
1098-C Instructions
8283 (Non-Cash Charitable Contributions)
8283 Instructions
526 (Charitable Contributions)

BNET Business Tax Survival Guide BNET is part of the CBSInteractive family of websites, and offers lots of helpful information for business owners. You can see the full Tax Survival Guide here, or check the topics below:

Look For Discounts

30899228 Resources And Expert Tips For Filing Your Tax Return

Credit card issuers and banks are offering discounts toward online tax prep. You might get an email, or a snail mail pitch. Some banks are also putting links in your online statements. And of course, there are coupon codes. Discounts are up to 50 percent, which can yield substantial savings once you factor in preparation and filing costs for both federal and state returns.

There’s An App For That

107228213 Resources And Expert Tips For Filing Your Tax Return

If you’re expecting a refund and have a Smartphone, there’s now a tax refund app that tells you the status of your return. By the time you set it up, it’s only a step or two short of actually checking your email and bank account, but it’s a nice perk for people waiting on a tantalizingly big return.

Pay With Caution

credit card Resources And Expert Tips For Filing Your Tax Return

Resist the urge to pay via credit card. Rates have gone up substantially in the past year, thanks to the new credit card legislation. Coupled with the 2 to 3 percent transaction fee, you’ll pay for using plastic that makes a tax bill much scarier.

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Comments (3)
  1. mak says:

    That is the incorrect link for an extension to file your taxes. The one above is for U.S. Citizens and Resident Aliens Abroad.” Form 4868 is what most people will need.

  2. mak says:

    For NYS, there are no paper extensions any longer. It must be done electronically. (Surprise development there!) Go to NYS’ tax website (I can’t seem to post links) to do so. If you owe money, you can either pay online or send NYS a check along with a copy of your internet receipt.

    I read somewhere that if you don’t owe NYS tax, you can send the NYS a copy of your Federal extension and write “NYS Tax Extension” or something to that effect across the top. I believe about this in the FAQ’s on NYS’ website.

    Hope this helps someone.

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