Burgers can be found all over the New Jersey area in high end restaurants, dinners, dives and everywhere in between. Whether you like a specialty sandwich, or a simple but well-seasoned and perfectly cooked patty, New Jersey offers the gamut of choices.
photo 1 New Jerseys 5 Best Burgers

(credit: Emily Tamburri)

Food Network’s ‘Chopped’ Challenge winner, Eric Levine, is the head chef at Morris Tap and Grill. He has comprised a refined burger menu featuring eclectic variations, such as the short rib burger or the “Baconeator,” which is comprised of 50% bacon and 50% beef. The burgers are perfectly cooked and stacked with specialty items like kimchee, black truffle and Cipollini Onion Marmalade—toppings you are sure to miss at any other establishment across New Jersey. The friendly waitstaff and management can recommend any of the 24 beers on tap to compliment your burger selection, or any other item on the Morris Tap and Grill’s extensive menu. Check out this restaurant for growlers, Sunday Brunch and private table experiences with Chef Eric in the kitchen.

iron horse New Jerseys 5 Best Burgers

(credit: Iron Horse)

The quaint railroad theme and laid back atmosphere of the Iron Horse has been part of the reason for the Iron Horse’s success over the past 30 years. The other reason is the famous stuffed burgers. Each patty is cooked evenly to your liking and stuffed with a variety of cheeses, like cheddar, mozzarella, Swiss or Bleu cheese. Unlike other stuffed burgers, The Iron Horse ensures that when you bite into the tender ground beef, the cheese is melted through and gooey, however still retains its bite a flavor without overwhelming the burger. Before serving your meal, waitstaff will come around to your table with delicious complimentary pickles and coleslaw and each burger is served up alongside crisp, liberally seasoned “railroad fries.”

burger deluxe1 New Jerseys 5 Best Burgers

(credit: Burger DeLuxe)

This BYOB is a retro-esque joint to relax with a list of good burger selections with thick milkshakes and “casino fries” (a surprisingly delicious concoction of melted Bleu cheese crumbles, Bleu cheese
dressing and hotsauce) to compliment. You will be treated to all beef half pound Angus patties in over seventeen flavor combinations nestled between toasty brioche buns. Burgers are crafted around classic diner favorites like the French Onion Burger, topped with white wine, thyme and beef broth caramelized onions, gruyere cheese and crunchy parmesan flakes. Other specialties include the Chili and BBQ burgers, which are all fresh and made to order.

white manna burger New Jerseys 5 Best Burgers

This tiny dive on River Street in Hackensack would be easy to miss if you didn’t know what to look for. These slider style burgers are cooked right in front of you with melty cheese, onions and a potato bun toasted on the famous flattop in such a way that it soaks up the flavor of burger drippings. The chef works wonders behind the single griddle, and each slider comes out uniform and delicious with the speed and accuracy only attainable by a seasoned veteran. White Manna’s cult following has made them famous on the Food Network, Zagat rated and USA today acclamations.

barnacle bills New Jerseys 5 Best Burgers

(credit:Barnacle Bill’s)

The simple and uncomplicated nature of the Barnacle Bill’s burgers is what makes these patties so remarkable. These large burgers are beautifully charred on the outside and remain juicy and flavorful when cooked to your order. Burgers are typically served on a poppy seed deli roll, however special requests can be made to place the patty on a toasted English muffin, a recommendation that allows for a bigger crunch with your burger, if the chips that are served up alongside aren’t enough. One factor that makes Barnacle Bill’s burgers unique from any other burger joint is the cheddar sauce. Of course, there are other cheese options for your burger, but why not cover your burger in a melt-y gooey sauce that is similar to that found on a good mac and cheese.


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