108986087 10 The Looks Of New York Fashion Week

Color is the new black. At least according to LUCA LUCA, who hit the runway Thursday for the start of New York’s Winter Fashion Week. By Brooke Sager. (All photos courtesy of Getty Images).

NY Fashion Week: Experts’ Runway Predictions | An Interview With Luca Luca | Photo Gallery


108985446 10 The Looks Of New York Fashion Week

To say that this iconic women’s fashion brand “added a splash of color” to your typically muted fall wardrobe wouldn’t be giving it enough credit. This collection quite literally lit up the catwalk. There were vibrant fuchsias, succulent oranges and butterscotches—in this blustery weather, the punches of warm color were much welcomed.

And yet, each piece still harbored that ‘down-to-earth’ element. Dashes of natural tones like ochres, olives and greys, helped give the collection its fresh-autumn feel. Woodsy patterns were also a motif, whether it was on a feather-printed silk blouse or a tulle dress covered in hand-embroidered black leaves.

Contrasting Elements

108985847 10 The Looks Of New York Fashion Week

Lace is a trend that’s coming back this year, but the designer added his personal touch by pairing the ultra-femme fabric with fur. Silk and wool also made for a flawless pair. So did flannel and matte satin. With heavy and light materials in the same outfit, transcending the seasons suddenly just got fashionable and easy.

Defined, Sexy, Elegant

108985433 10 The Looks Of New York Fashion Week

Many of his first pieces embodied an equestrian theme—fitted wool jackets and skinny tailored pants were sophisticated while showing off the sexy female figure. By the end of the show, whimsical chiffon gowns were floating down the runway. This journey from Grand Prix to Grand Ballroom did not come as a shock, however, given the nature of the looks LUCA LUCA had chosen for the runway – the  show began with green leather pants and concluded with evening gowns.

The collection represented Lady Poise and Lady Inhibition—and these women became inseparable best friends right on the runway.

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Brooke Sager is a New York City-based freelance writer specializing in beauty, lifestyle and entertainment. She writes at HIHEELZ.

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