• The Royal Wedding: Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Exchange VowsScenes from the big day at Windsor Chapel and all the fans gathered to share in the celebration.
  1. Scott says:

    Its a shame. They are and have a beautiful family. I hope they will both come to see the many blessings they have before it is to late. I pray for them.

  2. Natalie Avery says:

    The human race is a disgrace. If we could understand that living life to the fullest includes a wonderful friendship with God. I am not talking religious just real. Taste and see how good God is. What harm will it do? I got skeletons in my closet I’m no better than you but what a wonder He is when I connect with Him and talk with Him.

    1. sirjamil says:

      Ohhh my goodness, YES! it is the most incredible thing I will ever have experienced in all my days. It is beyond good….Nothing else feels so good…
      And I have been blessed to have felt numerous good things before it, and they were absolutely nothing compared to the wondrous feeling of his friendship I recently experienced!

  3. minnie cochran says:

    preachers;all ball players all truck drivers factory workers make bad husbandsansoulders womens shoulds know that by now my goodness

  4. Pach Misheli says:

    LMAO to people who actually thinks SHE dumped HIM.. Its HE who dumed her.. look at her face, she is blissed out.. and him, he is all about himself.. no one else.. She needs to date someone her own age.

  5. Mississauga Hotels says:

    Hey its really a bad news for arnold i think he is so sad.

  6. alex05 says:

    He doesn’t need women anymore because anabolic killed his organ 😦

  7. H.A. H.A. Jack Myswag says:

    hmmm, kinda sad. One of the few nice repub dem couples I knew …

  8. Maria-Erlinda says:

    She used him as a political stooge, now she’s dumping him.

    Bravo Maria!

    1. Pach Misheli says:

      IN YOUR DREAMS! Look at her.. and look at him.. SHE IS an OLD HAG.. LMAO.. and he is still hot.

  9. ken deo says:

    she shouldve known Macaulay Culkin is flamesville she didnt see monster? lol ken deo comedy oh & kim kardashian again? she must go out with people just so she cant make these break up lists lol

    1. ken deo says:

      i meant so she can make these break up lists

  10. Studley Doright says:

    I am sure that sex scene with Natalie Portman was a contributing factor. If you have seen it you will know what I am talking about. Mila, Natalie and Benjamin had a totally awesome time making Black Swan. Of course Natalie got knocked up by Benjamin on the set in real life. He also left some nasty marks on Mila’s backside that she now wears as a badge of honor!

  11. Brutus Beefcake says:

    Good move by Mila to kick that dope fiend to the curb as her career is now on the upswing for sure. That memorable scene with Nat Portman in Black Swan was totally eye-popping and mind-blowing and the way she used her arm at the end of the famous scene was so cool. Mila is such a Pro and Nat ain’t bad herself. Nat Portman should easily capture the Oscar this year after being robbed of one when she was 11-year-old actor in LEON – THE PROFESSIONAL and had one of the greatest acting performances by a Child Actor in film history, only Tatum O’Neal comes close with her riveting role in Paper Moon as a child.

  12. Elisabeth says:

    Frightening. Most Americans don’t know that this country is on the edge of getting involved in another Korean War but want to know which non-entities switched boyfriends, wives, husbands this past year??? Shame on the Media (and CBS) for bringing us this pap….

    1. kg says:

      Frightening? Historically, what have people turned to in times of adversity? Entertainment! or the sheer escapism from what is happening in the world and in their real and often mundane, tired lives. Therefore it makes perfect sense to be interested in what their favourite stars are doing and who they’re dating. What’s frightening to me is that there are people like you who are prepared to drag war onto a comment board where people are just discussing their favourite stars lives…….Escapism Madam, you might like to try it sometime. Watch a movie, read a book…….just step away from your computer!

      1. Pach Misheli says:

        YUP and be controlled by the corporations in the meanwhile. Just hook your “Brain” (dont know if I should call that) into the TV cable, while they cut all the jobs, social security, medicaid, education, and in a couple of years, get thrown out into the street, then tell me about entertainment..

  13. scott shuman says:

    well, now they can bang other people without fear of being called a cheater.

  14. Finbar says:

    Oh, the humanity!

  15. Akinleye Ayobami Akinwole says:

    Was the divorce also caused by FB

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