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  1. Theresa says:

    Well I left a comment yesterday that my street 90th ave in woodhaven Queens had not been plowed well here it is a day later and still no plow do we have to wait for the snow to melt to get our cars out.

  2. Bob says:

    Brooklyn, Mill Basin, Thursday streets still have not been plowed. Our street E64 st. was plowed on Wed. Two sanitation trucks went up the street about 11:00 Pm. They sat in the middle of the street for 20 min. any then continued to plow.

  3. hHelen Holmes says:

    My street W. 1st between Kings Highway and Quentin Road in Gravesend Brooklyn is not plowed. The sanitation came down this morning (day 5) and made a bigger mess. The plow lifted one shovel full of snow and dumped it into a clean driveway. Cars have been getting stuck and fishtailing out of control all day. I’m sick of Bloomberg’s “let them eat cake” attitude. Stop worrying about the tourists and start worrying about the taxpayers. PLEASE HELP US CHANNEL 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Eric Steinhardt says:

    East 7th Street, between Avenue H and the Dead End has NOT been plowed.

  5. Shelly says:

    Between Farragut Road and Avenue H, from New York Avenue and E. 40th Street, the streets have NOT been plowed! Also, the Brooklyn Road loop and the Farragut Loop have not been plowed. The E. 30s have not been plowed either. GET THIS SNOW OUT OF HERE!

  6. Valeriy says:

    PICK UP A SHOVEL AND START DIGGIN instead of using it as an excuse to park your SUV’s in the middle of the street!!!!

    1. Valeriy says:

      it’s a business opportunity for ya!!

  7. McAllister Bryant says:

    While I live in Kentucky now I lived in the city for four years from 1998-2001. I have watched blizzards and snow there and here and I have to say I have never seen so much whining as I have seen from you guys. 20 inches of snow is not trivial. Depending on the type of snow it can be easier or harder to move.

    Here in the Midwest we have been known to go five-eight days without POWER from these EXCEPTIONAL storms. And that is the issue. They are exceptional. We would all complain if our taxes were used to have equipment parked 95% of the time “just in case” that exceptional storm shows up again.

    Good luck.

    Lexington, KY

    1. Val says:

      McAllister, I think you are misunderstanding the anger most NYers feel. You stated “20 inches of snow is not trivial.” That’s exactly our point. The Mayor stood up on his podium Monday, and in his condescending tone he told us all that this “is a day like any other in NY” and that we should come see a play since Broadway is open!” Meanwhile, people couldn’t get medical attention, others were hurt or stuck, and he suggests we just relax? In Staten Island we were abandoned for 3 days, couldn’t even get to chemo and he says see a play?! It’s infuriating that he basically told us this storm was no big deal and refused to issue a snow emergency so the roads could be safely and properly cleared like has happened for the last 3 decades. It was a big deal, just as you said. We have the right to be angry at the failure to keep people safe.

  8. Johanna Abrahamson says:

    I live on Lake Place between wst 8th street and west 9th street in the gravesend section of Brooklyn. My block has not been plowed Please Help

  9. JD says:

    Sorry, there was an error in my comment so I have corrected and repeated it:
    Why is it that no one asks the questions:
    1) How much did the clean up at times square (all night during the blizzard) impact the slow plow response everywhere else?

    2) Will there be a garbage collection in times square and no where else, then?

    Thanks, JD

  10. JD says:

    Why is it that no one asks the questions:
    1) How much did the clean up at times square (all night during the blizzard) impact the slow plow response everywhere else?

    2) Will there be no garbage collection in times square and no where else, then?

    Thanks, JD

  11. Dawn says:

    I live on 47th Strret in Boro Park Brooklyn. One plow came down the block today with its plow raised, a fire truck had to back out of the block because a car was stuck in the snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Outrages Tax Payer in Middle Village says:

    i live in middle village queens – by 75th street – we have not seen a plow since sunday at 5:15pm….none of our side streets have been done and walking with 2 small kids to get milk was an hour long process just to get there! i saw 2 sanitation trucks with plows on the front – yet they were up and they were doing nothing!!!!!!! let’s see what happens monday for school!!!!

  13. A Brooklyn boy says:


    Now I am really proud of our Mayor for only excepting $1.00 salary from the city,,, he totally doesn’t deserve more..

    Its now Thursday 1:37 pm the First tractor now showed up for the first time here on 40th St in Brooklyn since the blizzard.

    Mr. Mayor, run for president, you proved yourself as a person who takes your responsibility’s the way you should.

    The reason we where given was that the equipment was broken, yeah, is that a answer or a question?? Fire a few hundred more employees and then we’ll be Just Fine.

    We had plenty warnings that the storm is coming, something should’ve been done that All the equipment should be fixed Mr. Mayor, even without a storm coming, its winter for crying out loud!!

  14. Outraged Bay Ridge Resident says:

    Bay Ridge In The 90’s Is STILL IMPASSIBLE! Our tax dollars hard at work. Send plows ASAP!

  15. The Truth says:

    Most of Forest Hills is fine. The resources are wasted. They plowed my block around 20 times. Last night they plowed then 10 mintues after the salt speader came then in 10 mintes they plowed again. What a waste.

    They need to GPS the truck and grid it on the map to help determine the streets plowed and re-direct the trucks to areas not plowed. Prob increase efficiency by 40%

  16. Juliet bristol says:

    I live on e73rd st between K AND L my block has not see plow since the storm on Sunday and i cannot move our car and also the buses is running slow the b6 bus on flatland i am so upset.i hope my street is clean so i can go to church tomorrow

  17. leon says:

    Everyone is to blame for this mess. My little street in homecrest is always the last to be plowed and when a plow finally came today, it could pass through due to numerous double parked and stuck cars. It took the owners long enough to move them and a salt truck came minutes ago.

  18. Lou P. says:

    I live on East 51st Street and Ave S in Brooklyn, and our street has NOT been plowed at all!!!!

  19. Mike says:

    Can someone inform the general public that it’s not a bright idea to get rid of the snow from their sidewalk by tossing it in a pile in the middle of the road? The plows finally came by yesterday night and have been actually doing so multiple times today, except now residents are breaking up their snow piles from the sidewalk and throwing it onto the street for “disposal”.
    This is common sense to most, but it needs to be relayed to the rest that it’s not a good idea and just reverses the whole idea of plowing the street

  20. robert says:

    could you have the mayor send a plow truck with some salt at East 22nd street and Ditmas Ave in East Flatbush please my block has not seen a plow truck since the storm.

  21. Deens says:

    I posted last night about 56th street bet 15th and 16th avenues in Boro Park not being plowed, At around 7:15 this morning, a plow (i.e., a sanitation truck) finally came down the street. But other than drive down the stret, it did NOTHING! It seems as though the plow wasn’t even down. The only thing the sanitation truck did was leave tread marks on the icy/snowy ground. This is utterly ridiculous!

    1. DeltaForce says:

      I’ve seen there around here in NE Queens doing the same, NOW equipped with tire chains on the rear wheels.

      I guess it looked good to make lots of loud noises with the impression that the same blocks are being plowed while skipping other side/secondary streets.

    2. Marie says:

      The same exact thing happened on Fairbury Ave. in Queens Village this morning.

  22. TERESA JINGOOL says:


  23. deens says:

    56th street between 15 and 16th avenue in Boro Park has still not been plowed. Any car (SUV) that attempts to turn down the block gets stuck early on, and needs to be pushed back out. No sign of any help on the way!

  24. Sunera Taikaram says:

    Snow plow came this afternoon for the first time to 102 Avenue in Jamaica – unfortunately dumped 5 feet of snow in front of our house, blocking our driveway and walkway. My mother is not well and it is really not okay for our car to be stuck in our driveway. We’ve been calling 311 and cannot get through.

  25. david t says:

    my street, 42nd Street, between Ft. Hamilton Parkway and 12th Avenue in Brooklyn has not been plowed yet. Total disgrace. Elderly people and many children living on block.

  26. Doreen Helene Kelly says:

    Don’t blame the Mayor it wasn’t his fault. Seeley Street In Prospect park Southwest wasn’t plowed cause someone left there dumb car in the middle of the road if the people listened and payed attention leaving there cars parked the city would have done a better job all people want to do is blame other people instead of blaming themselves. Why can’t people take a good long hard look at themseleves and deal with the issues without complanning.

    1. Sal U says:

      About time someone posted the truth about why all this is happening, how hard was or is to take public transportation and I bet must of this people that have left their cars on the middle street were driving around just to see how the streets looked after the storm. Come on people put yourself in the Mayor’s shoes and before criticize some else look at all the mistakes you all make…………….. get a life

  27. Debra Ferris says:

    I’m in Bayridge Brooklyn 71st Street and finally got plowed yesterday. Recieved
    mail for the first time today.

    CBS news please tell the Mayor to stop blaming stuck cars for blocks not being able to plow. My block had no stuck cars and
    wasn’t plowed till 3 days later.

    Also..the cars that were stuck which was more than normal because people were returning home Sunday for work Monday after spending Christmas
    with love ones . They weren’t out joy riding as he seems to think.

    Also..For the mayor to say ( Said on Monday) “Stop complaining This isn’t Life Threatening ” is outrageous ! People have died due
    EMT not being able to get to people who called 911 .

    He’s more concerned with tourist coming into the city $pending money and his rich friends in the city. Hey Mayor.. no tourist were able to get into the city
    because all flights were canceled so you should have sent them plow trucks into the outer boroughs instead of plowing over and over again in the city. He’s more worried about leaving office with a balanced budget so he looks good when running for President..not getting my vote !

    Hey CBS news ..this creep of a mayor who’s so out of touch even had meter parking in affect Monday ..I guess someone whispered in his
    ear that it wasn’t a good idea so he canceled it that night. I wonder how many people got tickets Monday morning and Monday afternoon.

    He’s rude to reporters when they question him on this mess and doesn’t want to hear it. He dismisses and chastises people whenever he is called on something he doesn’t like or makes him look bad.


  28. Ann says:

    I live in South Richmond Hill Queens, New York and we have not seen a snow plow pass through 126 street between 107 and 109 avenue since the blizzard. Cars cannot pass through the block without getting stuck.

  29. louie devino says:

    here in midwood, brooklyn ny 11230 we have not received mail since last friday december 24, 2010. WHY

  30. Joe Eaione says:

    I have to admit that Bill O’Reillly was wrong this time about the “Liberal-sided” TV News. CBS 2 coverage of the snow storm was non-biased and fact-based. Thank you for excellent up-to-the-minute coverage.

    Joe Eaione, 72 Street, Brooklyn, NY

    PS My street got plowed at 4:21pm today.

  31. Frank Spinelli says:

    I live in Middle Village 75 street between 69 ave and 68 RD the block has not seen a plow since the storm Sunday and its wed. night at 5:15 still cars cant get on or off the block…

  32. David lee says:

    Come visit ocean grove,nj. Almost all streets still have four feet of snow. Yes I said 4 feet. I would love Our governor at Disney and where are the snow trucks?

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