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  1. Chris says:

    Bobby Vinton flubbed the words to the National Anthem back in October, 1990 before one of the Pirates-Reds playoff games at Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh. I remember hearing “Oh Land, Oh Land” at one point. The camera cut to Vinton sitting in the stands during the game with him looking dejected. I’m sure it’s in the CBS archives since CBS was broadcasting MLB at the time. Pat O’Brien and the late Jack Buck were the announcers.

  2. Auburn Dale says:

    The Anthem is a song about the Flag, so it’s fully equivalent to a physical Flag and subject to the laws of Flag etiquette. It must be sung COMPLETELY and CORRECTLY – all four (4) verses, in order, from memory, in the proper key. Anything less constitutes Desecration of the Flag, and thus TREASON.

  3. WPV says:

    I’m shocked!! Perhaps folks should U-Tube Marvin Gaye’s version for the 1983 NBA championship. It was not only the best ever, it was historical, breaking with tradition and the crowd knew it. There was NO “lip-sinking” here!

  4. carol says:

    whitney was an amazing singer, beyonce was beyonce an american sweetheart. aguielleri forgot the words but i think she has a great voice.and that kinda saved her. the others, well, no way. what about teddy , luther, barry, stevie , diana ross, prince, etc. some i mentioned passed away already but so many others could do a great job with our national anthem.

  5. jtorres says:

    Whitney’s was far and away the best I’ve ever heard. But let’s be honest — she could have sung the Alphabet song and taken it to the top of the charts (not anymore) And no one remembers Beyonce.. She was overshadowed by Janet Jackson’s stupidity at the half-time show, despite the fact the she was beautiful, classy and so fantastic. Just goes to show, no one remembers the good, only the bad.

    1. jasont says:

      Whitney lip synced her anthem!!!

  6. Ellen says:

    Hey I was more upset when they had that loser Roseanne Bar up there screaming out the National Anthem. Now that was much more horrible to witness.

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