• Stars Shine On The 72nd Annual Tony Awards Red Carpet
  1. Raul says:

    That DEPENDZ on what you are into, getting into pantys or diapers

  2. Steve says:

    Isn’t Marie Osmund up around 60?

    Man I see her on those diet commercials and I can’t look away. She is soooo smokin’.

  3. arrgareg says:

    The guy/girl picking out these photos was obviously 80 something.

  4. chuck says:

    susan sarandon is very hot!!!

  5. Eva Bebkovski says:

    How, how, how, HOW is there a pictorial essay on “Sexy in their 60’s” and the hands down sexiest of them all isn’t there?

    KIRSTIE ALLIE !!!!!!

  6. expat says:

    Diana Ross? At first, I thought it was Oprah. In any case, while beauty is obviously in the eyes of the beholder, if we’re to be honest about sexy and who is or isn’t, let’s at least take the women here, put them in bikinis, and show photos of their backsides. Upon seeing that, should IT rise to the occassion, only then, would I say that any of tyhem have risen to the occassion of being “sexy”.

    By the way…Goldie does look as bangable as she always has – but clothed, many women fit that descrtiptive.

  7. BB says:

    Paul McCartney? Robert De NIro? Diana Ross? Yeah, so Cher’s had a lot of work done; who wouldn’t want to have her 60+ year-old body?!…And where’s Susan Lucci and Jane Seymour?! Did I see Susan Sarandon?

    1. Sandeana says:

      Susan Sarandon is an old hag. Who the hell would consider her sexy anymore?

  8. Roy says:

    I want to do SashaLanda………

  9. vikki says:

    When I saw that Cher was included, I was just laughing. That woman has had so much cosmetic surgery, she looks more plastic than a barbie doll.

    Robert DeNiro and Paul McCartney sexy at sixty? You must be kidding.

    Diana Ross is overweight and not at all like she used to be.

    Some of the people have aged gracefully and used cosmetic surgery to enhance their appearance, not try to keep looking like they are 35 – unlike Cher with her unnatural appearance.

  10. sashalanda says:

    Well I for one, am glad they also get the neck lifts. Nothing looks worse than to have face lifts but leave all that neck sagging. Still many should not wear sleaveless shirts as upper arms are hard to lift up I guess. I would love to have all that money but at same time, am 53, no wrinkles yet and my neck is still firm..but 7 yrs can make a difference. Maybe cause I am still immature lol.

    1. Morgan St. James says:

      I am a mystery writer who is older than all of them. No plastic surgery and I’m generally taken for my mid fifties. There is an entirely new definition of old or elderly, but yes, sleeveless outfits don’t look as good as they used to!

  11. Mary O'Brien says:

    When I was52 I decided to learn how to play a snare drum. I am 63 now and have been marching in parades with a bagpipe band. Best decision I ever made!

  12. Sandeana says:

    I’m sure readers here have heard of facelifts. And necklifts. These 2 procedures are the real fountain of youth for these celebrities, who are good looking to begin with. Some of them though, look so young for being in their 60’s. that their face & necklifts
    are no big secret.

  13. Dararat Hill says:

    Hamn, Sawyer, and Cher, yes. The rest, no way!

  14. larry d.a says:

    as he said “I:m : 60 going 40:s”

  15. Burt Goldberg says:

    I have to say that at 62 (born Dec.01,1948), I feel great, I am in the gym 3 or 4 days a week, I have lost 38 pounds, and two pant sizes. Life is not over in your 60’s and beyond. It is up to you how you will age. Like everything it takes work.

    1. cusanus says:

      I’m also 62, in better health than most 20 year olds, though I haven’t exercised in a year. I’ll coast for a while, have a little more fun, spend a little more time with the Lord, then pick the weights back up and head out to play Ultimate with my friends, most of them 20-30 years old. I use vitamins and other supplements, NO vaccines.

  16. James Beals says:

    With age you discover that your body gets old and worn out; but your spirit remains ageless. It matures but doesn’t get old. A 67 year old like myself still thinks that he can do the things that he did at 17. This proves the existence of the eternal soul.

    1. Habibah Yahya says:

      that is true and it is good for people to feel ageless it will boost your youthfulness

  17. Gen Woodstock says:

    They’re gorgeous.
    I can’t believe Harrison Ford is almost 70?

    1. dave says:

      For another draft dodger!

    2. ncnertny says:

      he probably is a bit over that actually,,older females should stick to all the work they have had done and not try for the anorexic look..

  18. Capt Lou says:

    Sigourney (Lt.Ripley) was always hot, and now even hotter in her 60’s.

    1. me says:

      minus the gray hair in her danger zone.

      1. GH says:

        No, that’s hot too. Once you’ve had grey, you’ll never go away!

  19. Robert Shelton says:

    Ronnie, I guess that pedofile gene helps you all live longer.

  20. Christella Leger says:

    Well I surprised no to see Iman, Tina Turner, Diana Ross…etc!!! Come on people let’s bring some more diversities on these Hollywood lists!!!

    1. Noho says:

      This is a sexy in their 60s gallery. Tina is 72, Iman is 56.

  21. JPH says:

    JPH, 17 JUNE 1946

  22. diaper madness says:


    That Dependz

    1. yourmomma says:

      could you be anymore wrong?? or stupid?? i think not!!!!!

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