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Somers’ Monologue: Tigers’ Justin Verlander Vs. Mets? Not A Problem

The Mets are ridiculously hot, and according to the Shmoozer, “If I’m Justin Verlander, I’m thinking right now, ‘How the heck am I gonna beat the New York Metropolitans (on Thursday)?'”


Somers’ Monologue: Mets Say Slam, Bam, Thank You Ma’am!

Steve Somers was ecstatic on Tuesday night after the Mets’ 14-3 win over the Tigers. And can you blame him?


Somers’ Monologue: Hide The Women And Children, Here Come The Mets

A jubilant Steve Somers opened up his Monday night schmooze happily recapping the Mets’ weekend success “deep in the heart of Texas” against the Rangers.


Somers’ Monologue: Early NBA Draft Picks, Nats’ Riggleman Resigns And… Mets Win!

The NBA Draft was taking its sweet time on Thursday night, so by the time Steve Somers hit the airwaves the Knicks were still a few picks away. But that didn’t stop the Schmoozer from breaking down the early first-round picks in a way only he can.


Justin Turner Mets

Somers’ Monologue: Mets’ Citi Field The Place To Be For ‘Singles’

Steve Somers thinks the Mets got lucky on Wednesday night, but he’ll take it.


Somers’ Monologue: Wild-Armed Dillon Gee, Mets Remind Steve Of His Favorite Oldies

Tuesday night’s Mets loss reminded Steve Somers of a few classics: “I’m Walkin'” by Fats Domino. “Under the Boardwalk,” one of his favorites from The Drifters. Who doesn’t remember “Love Walks In” by Van Halen?


Somers’ Monologue: Clarence Clemons, Mets, Yankees And An 80-Year-Old Manager

Steve Somers opened up a Monday schmooze with a smorgasbord of sorts. After lamenting the loss of E Street Band saxophonist Clarence “The Big Man” Clemons, Somers gets into the swing of things talking Mets, Yankees, Jack McKeon, Tiger Woods and much more.


Somers’ Monologue: Mets’ Awful Loss, How Sweep It Isn’t

D.J. Carrasco’s walk-off balk had the schmoozer sullen, frustrated and angry as he tried to make sense of why — oh why?! — the Mets aren’t leaving Atlanta with a 3-game sweep.


Somers’ Monologue: Mets Actually Looking Good In Atlanta

Steve Somers opens up a Tuesday night schmooze gushing over the Mets’ win in Atlanta’s house of horrors. It was Jonathon Niese — or was it Jon Lester? — leading the way as K-Rod, Carlos Beltran, Jose Reyes and the rest of the Metropolitans got the job done in hot, sticky Georgia.


Somers’ Monologue: Can The Mets Afford Reyes? Well, They Can’t Afford To Lose Him!

“Well, can they afford him? Well, we don’t think they can afford to lose him.” Who? Mets outfielder Jose Reyes of course!


Somers’ Monologue: Mets Star In ‘The Flushing Follies’

As if he could open with anything else, Steve Somers breaks down the Mets’ ugly Wednesday night loss to the Pirates.


Somers’ Monologue: The Money Store, Fred Wilpon’s Last Resort?

“We all know about the story in The New Yorker and the story in SI. Now tonight, we have learned exclusively that MAD Magazine is reporting…” Is reporting what?! You’ll just have to listen…


Fred Wilpon

Somers’ Monologue: Money Can’t Buy Wilpons Love

Steve Somers opened his Tuesday night schmooze with a sing-song about the “dollar, dollar green and long,” and how it relates to owner Fred Wilpon’s financial situation.


Somers’ Monologue: Mets Play A Dry Game… And Win!

Hey, it didn’t rain at Citi Field yesterday! And another thing, the Mets won!


Somers’ Monologue: Mets Lose, Yankees Win… And That Thing Called The Draft

Steve opened his Thursday night schmooze by talking Yankees, Mets and the NFL Draft.


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