50 Shades of Grey

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Best Halloween Costumes Of 2012

Step away from the prepackaged Halloween costumes in a box. Get a bit creative and find some inspiration from today’s pop culture. Here are a few great costume ideas to get your Halloween creativity going.


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WFAN’s Craig Carton Set To Talk ‘50 Shades’ On ‘Katie’

Get ready for “50 Shades of Craig.” E.L. James will join Katie Couric on Monday for what is being billed as the author’s ‘ “first major interview.” And so will WFAN’s own Craig Carton. Yep, you read that right.


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B&C Morning Show: Linda Prompts Craig To Sing To Boomer; Kristen Comes Through

Linda from Long Beach decided wake up early and give the Dynamic Radio Duo a call with the hopes of sharing her views on the air, which she has done in the past.


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The Dukes Report: 50 Shades Of Craig

Now most of you probably think: The Boomer & Carton morning show staff must only watch sports. But they read too — books! Check out how “50 Shades of Grey” became an obsession of Craig’s.


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B&C Morning Show: Kristen’s Sexual Energy Could Land Her Some ‘Sports Tickets’

The second installment of the ’50 Shades’ trilogy, ’50 Shades Darker,’ brings Kristen’s ‘sexual energy’ to a ‘whole ‘nother level.’ Yowza.


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B&C Morning Show: Antrel Rolle Talks Giants’ Training Camp And Has A Few Laughs

Antrel Rolle is always an entertaining interview and that was the case once again this morning when he took a break from Giants training camp up in Albany, to talk with the Dynamic Radio Duo about his relaxing off-season,.


50 Shades Of Grey Debate

The ’50 Shades’ Debate: Is It Wrong For Women To Fulfill Their Fantasies?

The naughty novel has plenty of fans. In fact, the book has reportedly started a trend: Ladies fulflling their ’50 Shades’ fantasies online. So, is this just a way for women to express themselves? Or is it just plain wrong?


NYC Boomer and Carton Podcast - Edited

B&C Morning Show: Tuesday’s Podcast, Some Huge ‘Junk’ & MOTD

Craig shared an interesting news story that caught his attention that involved a man with the ‘world’s biggest penis.’


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B&C Morning Show: Craig Reads An Excerpt From ’50 Shades Of Grey’

After having his manhood questioned by a caller for reading ’50 Shades of Grey’, Craig felt the need to defend himself.


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B&C Morning Show: Jaime Needs To Get Out Of His House & ’50 Shades Of Grey’, The Movie Version

The guys took a call from a Mets fan in Jersey by the name of Jaime, who admitted to watching the Mets’ Triple-A affiliate, the Buffalo Bisons, on SNY last night to get a glimpse of pitching prospect Matt Harvey.


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B&C Morning Show: Hot Chelsea In A Helmet

Back in March, Chelsea Lovett (pictured along with B&C), who is an aspiring singer/actress, wowed the guys with her ability to sing. She stopped by to say hello to the guys and give them a little taste of what to expect when she grabs the microphone.