Silverman: Yankees-Red Sox Is Exactly What MLB Postseason NeedsThe Yankees and Red Sox are exchanging body blows, and neither one of the rivals is wavering at this point.
Silverman: Tanking In The NFL Leads To Nothing But MiseryThere’s a relatively new school of thought that it’s OK to tank in the NFL and rebuild a team through the draft.
Silverman: McAdoo, Gase Among NFL Coaches With Much To Prove In 2017There are a number of coaches who are put to the test every season and have to make adjustments if they are going to remain positive attributes for their teams. The game provides new tests and issues on a yearly basis for head coaches.
Silverman: Fallacies Abound After First Week Of NFL ActionThe start of the NFL season is supposed to provide answers. Training camp is over and preseason games that usually determine the bottom of the roster and little else are memories.
Silverman: Patriots Had Many Questions Before Bad Opening LossThe 2017 season is supposed to belong to the New England Patriots, by acclimation.
Silverman: Peters, Collins, Peterson Lead NFL Defensive BacksThe best corners in the game are remarkable athletes who can stay with opposing receivers because of their running and jumping skills, along with their ball skills.
Silverman: Von Miller Remains The Best Linebacker In The NFLThere has never been another linebacker in NFL history that played with as much ferocity as Lawrence Taylor. But today's NFL has plenty of guys who can bring it.
Silverman: Watt, Donald, Mack At Head Of The NFL's DL ClassTry to play great defense in the NFL without consistent production from the defensive line. It’s simply not going to happen.
Silverman: McGregor Unlikely To Put A Dent In Mayweather's RecordThis a huge event, and this megafight has caught the attention of the public. Perhaps it’s the school-yard aspect of the two biggest bullies meeting each other.
Silverman: Thomas, Smith Remain The NFL’s Best Offensive LinemenFormations and attacks in the NFL come and go, but the one constant for putting points on the board is getting consistently strong and aggressive play from the offensive line.
Silverman: Gronkowski, Olsen Top NFL Tight End RankingsTight end is one of the most complex positions in the NFL when it comes to strategy, and the position has been evolving for years.
Silverman: Brown, Jones, Beckham At Head Of Wide Receiver ClassWhen it comes to scoring touchdowns and striking suddenly, wide receivers are the game’s most dramatic impact players.

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