Acorns, Mice Blamed For Rise In Lyme Disease In New YorkExperts are predicting a jump in Lyme disease this year, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says New York already has more cases than any other state. A domino effect from a bumper crop of acorns means more rodents, so more ticks, so more risk of infections.
Abundance Of Acorns On Long IslandSquirrels are going nuts over an abundance of acorns on Long Island.
Too Many Acorns? One Seasonal Myth DebunkedFalling acorns are a sign of the season. But this year, there seems to be an acorn explosion. Why?
New Jerseyans Dealing With Squirrel Invasion Caused By Mild WinterThe folks in the Garden State are feeling encroached upon by those gray, nut-gathering rodents.
Falling Acorns Driving Jersey Residents NutsAcorns are falling everywhere this year and they’re driving homeowners crazy. They’re covering sidewalks, roads, patios and furniture and Paramus residents are giving up on trying to clean up.

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