Al Dukes

Boomer & Carton: Al Dukes Is On The MendDuring this informative segment we learned something about chest cartilage and a lot about Al's fragility.
Boomer & Carton: Al Dukes Gets A Little Banged-Up In The ElevatorDuring a break, Boomer, Craig, Jerry Recco and Al Dukes participated in a game of "elevator molecules" and let's just say it didn't go very well for poor Al.
Boomer & Carton: Al Dukes Offers 4 Terrific Father's Day TipsBoomer & Carton producer Al Dukes isn't just celebrating Father's Day with Daddy Dukes this year. He also wanted to provide a few tips to make your special day with pops all that it should be.
Boomer & Carton: Al Dukes Offers 3 Mother's Day TipsThis Sunday is Mother's Day, which is a subtle reminder to all of you to do the right thing.
Boomer & Carton: Some Al Dukes Parody Magic In A NutshellThis segment quickly turned into an homage to Al Dukes' parody prowess, as we heard his countless tributes to both Tanaka and the Blueshirts.
Boomer & Carton: 6 Earth Day Tips From Al DukesWe're all in this together, and Mr. Dukes wants to do his part to save our planet. We think...
Boomer & Carton: Al Dukes Performs His Jacob DeGrom 'Rock Block'With Jacob deGrom taking the mound at Citi Field for the Mets' home opener against the Phillies, Al Dukes spent a good portion of his weekend putting pen to paper.
Boomer & Carton: Al Dukes Delivers A 'Tanaka Rock Block'Al Dukes has been resting his vocal chords for months in anticipation of Opening Day.
Boomer & Carton: Tom Brady's Adventures And Al Dukes' Banana HammockBoomer and Craig discussed Brady's wild ways before recalling a vacation they once took in Bermuda with Al Dukes.
Boomer & Carton: Al Dukes' Worthless Playboy CollectionAs it turns out, Al liked to do something with the centerfolds that made the collection of his youth-molding publication all but worthless...
Boomer & Carton: 'C' Is For Cocky, 'G' Is For Gluten, Lard Is Not For Al DukesLoyal listener and regular caller Anthony from Belleville dialed up the Dynamic Radio Duo on Friday morning and I guess you could say pointed out the obvious.
Boomer & Carton: Boomer Sure Loves Hockey, But Al Dukes Doesn't Want To Hear About It