Al Dukes

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Boomer & Carton: Al Dukes Meets His Idol, Jerry Recco Updates The Masses

Al Dukes had the thrill of a lifetime when he got to meet the one and only Jerry Seinfeld at the Gotham Comedy Club for the ‘Laugh For Sight’ charity event, hosted by none other than Craig Carton.


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Boomer & Carton: Al Dukes Puts His Freestyle Rapping Skills On Display

Al was obviously inspired by Thursday’s visit from the freestyle rapper ZEPS.


Boomer & Carton's Pig Roast

Slap That Pig! Boomer & Carton Hold Massive Giants Tailgate

The day has come. It’s time to lift the maloik off the winless New York Football Giants.


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Boomer & Carton: Al Dukes’ Run-In With A Rat

Al Dukes was forced to deal with some car problems on Friday after a rat (pictured) was chewing on a belt when he tried to start his vehicle, killing the rodent and leaving his car undrivable.


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Boomer & Carton: Al Dukes Performs ‘Beat Tom Brady’ (Yet Again)

This version was rewritten specifically for the Jets’ Week 7 matchup with the Patriots. Sing along and enjoy…


Geno Smith (Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images)

Boomer & Carton: Al Dukes Performs His ‘Geno Geno Song’

Al Dukes spread some joy around Friday morning in the Allstate Studio with a performance we won’t soon forget.


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Boomer & Carton: Al Dukes Blurs The Lines With ‘Philly Sucks’

Al was at it again Friday morning, playing his part to motivate Big Blue and their loyal fan base for this big NFC East clash.


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Boomer & Carton Show And Tell: Al Dukes Shares A Childhood Memory

Al harkened back to his childhood when procuring his item to share, an autograph from the great Muhammad Ali, which Al got while flying first class when he was a teenager…


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Boomer & Carton: Al Dukes Performs ‘Beat Kansas City’

Al Dukes clearly does not want to see the Giants lose to the Chiefs and fall to 0-4. So he decided to do what he does…


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Boomer & Carton: Al Dukes Unveils Brand New Giants Song

Get that surround sound ready…


(credit: Al Dukes/WFAN)

Boomer & Carton: Al Dukes Performs ‘Beat Tom Brady (2013 Remix)’

With the Jets traveling up to Foxboro to take Tom Brady and Patriots, Al Dukes seized the opportunity and used it to perform his reworked parody masterpiece, “Beat Tom Brady,” LIVE in the Allstate Studio this morning.


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Boomer & Carton: Al Dukes Gets Called Out By Joe B

Desperate times call for desperate measures. That was the case Friday here at WFAN, when Al Dukes needed a gift for an uncle of his, who happens to be a big Giants fan.


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Boomer & Carton: Al Dukes Performs ‘Romo You Suck (2013 Remix)’

Al Dukes was very excited to learn that the Giants would be playing the Cowboys to kickoff the 2013 NFL season, because it meant he could head to his lab and rewrite one of his rewritten parody songs, which he did — again.


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B&C Morning Show: Al Dukes Capitalizes On MLB Standoff, Performs ‘A-Rod’s Already Gone’

With Michelle Beadle filling in for Boomer, Al Dukes saw to it that at some point during today’s radio program, he would be front and center.


The girls at work (credit: Al Dukes/WFAN)

That’s Wright! Boomer & Carton ‘All-Star Sweatshop’ A Total Success

Carton announced just prior to signing off the air that the final box of 1,500 ballots was about to make its way to the workshop. All told, the team tallied 70,000 votes for D-Wright.