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Experts say late summer is the time to start fighting against fall allergies. (Credit: CBS2)

Dr. Max Gomez: Fight Fall Allergies Before They Start

As summer winds down, it’s a good time to start fighting your fall allergies before they hit.


Spring allergies are beginning weeks early this year, doctors say. (credit: ThinkStock)

Doctors: ‘Pollen Tsunami’ Makes Allergy Season Start Earlier, Stick Around Longer

If you suffer from allergies, all the sniffling and sneezing may last longer than your used to, and it might not just be seasonal.


Post-Superstorm Sandy Allergies

Aftermath Of Hurricane Sandy Making For Dreadful Allergy Season

Six months after Superstorm Sandy, an unwelcome development is set to make the months to come miserable for allergy sufferers.


Woman holding her nose (file / credit:

Superstorm Sandy Could Mean Especially Bad Allergy Season

Spring begins a week from tomorrow, which means allergy season is fast approaching.


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Early Allergies

Did you see Elise Finch’s 6 p.m. report on allergy season coming earlier than usual this year?