Anders Breivik

Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooter Adam Lanza (credit: CBS 2)

Criminologist: Mass Shooters Typically Aim To Top Previous Death Tolls To ‘Become Infamous’

Criminologist Jack Levin at Northeastern University said Adam Lanza’s isolation and a possible rivalry with other mass killers are characteristics that the Sandy Hook gunman shares with other shooters.


Adam Lanza seen in 2005 at the age of 13. (Credit: CBS News)

Report: Sandy Hook Elementary School Gunman Adam Lanza Was Obsessed With Norwegian Killer

Investigators may have pieced together a big part of the puzzle in determining what drove gunman Adam Lanza to murder twenty-six people at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012.


(credit: CBS 2)

Mourners In New York City Remember Victims Of Norway Massacre

Outside the Norwegian Seamen’s Church on East 52nd Street, a small, heartfelt memorial burned for the slaughtered souls of the horrific killings in Norway.