Andy Rooney

(Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

B&C Morning Show: Eulogizing Boomer

Boomer asked Craig if he would dedicate a Rangers win to him after he passes away. Craig of course took the question as an indication that the Booms would want him to eulogize him after he dies. Turns out – to Craig’s disappointment – that was not actually the case…


Andy Rooney (credit: AP Photo)

CBS: Andy Rooney Hospitalized In Serious Condition

CBS News’ Andy Rooney underwent minor surgery last week and suffered serious complications. For that reason, he remains in the hospital, but his condition is stable.


Andy Rooney (credit: AP Photo)

Andy Rooney Delivers Final Weekly Essay On ’60 Minutes’

Rooney said in his farewell piece that he has lived a lucky life, luckier than most.