Giants Legend Lawrence Taylor To Tim Tebow: 'Find A Nice Girl And Get Laid'"I would say he would have to go to church, temple — wherever he goes — find a nice girl and get laid," Lawrence Taylor said of Tim Tebow. "I mean, marry her if he has to, but he’s got to get some of that pressure off.”
Survey: The W Hotel Is Top Spot For Cheaters In New York CityThe Holiday Inn. on West 57th Street came in second.
Tim Tebow Scores Second In Controversial Website's Infidelity Poll; A-Rod, Jeter Make CutTim Tebow may be waiting until marriage, but it seems some committed women wouldn't mind scoring with the Jets' backup quarterback.
Survey Reveals Where Biggest Percentage Of Cheating Spouses In N.Y. LiveA lot of affluent towns in the Empire State are filled with spouses who are louses, according to a survey by, a web site that caters to people looking to have discreet extramarital affairs.
Controversial Website Offers $1M For Proof Of Sex With Jets' Tim TebowTebow will appear this week in Ohio for a forum on "faith and football." According to, it's more like sex and football.

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