Men Accused Of Stealing $3,000 In Baby Formula Nabbed Following Mahwah Police ChaseThe suspects, from Queens and Brooklyn, went into the A&P market in Mahwah Wednesday night, loaded the cart with the pricey formula and tried to race out with the stolen goods, police said. According to police, the suspects planned to sell the expensive formula in bodegas back in the city.
Mayor Bloomberg Declares War On Baby FormulaMayor Michael Bloomberg has banned smoking in New York City parks and is trying to ban the sale of sugary drinks over 16 ounces. But he already has his sights on his next target: baby formula.
Cops: Baby Formula Bandits Wanted For Shoplifting In Manalapan Police say a woman is seen loading a cart with more than $1,400 in formula. When her partner, a man, tries to sneak the cart out of the store, a Target employee tries to stop him.
Second Round Of Tests Find No Bacteria In Enfamil Baby FormulaIllinois-based Mead Johnson says another batch of tests done on its Enfamil Premium Newborn infant formula found no trace of the bacteria tied to the death of a Missouri baby.
FDA Halts Shipments Of Kosher Baby Formula 'Materna' Some local mothers have been driven to a frenzy after the formula was pulled from Brooklyn store shelves.

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