Bald Vinny OK With Mets' Roll Call, Calls Out Yankees Fans“Bald Vinny” Milano says he has no problem with Mets fans doing roll call during Monday's home opener at Citi Field -- even if it is a Yankees thing.
Mike Francesa Wears #FORG1V3 T-Shirt, Chats With Bald VinnyMilano is currently selling #FORG1V3 T-shirts in support of embattled Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez. Francesa made his loyal fans proud by trying one of the shirts on.
Bald Vinny On WFAN: Like The T-Shirt Says, Time To 'FORG1V3' A-RodThe chief of the Bleacher Creatures speaks with Joe & Evan about the T-shirt that has been making headlines in recent days.
How Will Jeter's Sendoff Stack Up Against Other Epic Ovations?So, how long will fans stand to chant that familiar "Der-ek Je-ter!" refrain? Bleacher Creature Bald Vinny's guess might surprise some.
Make It A Reali-Tee: Bleacher Creature Calls For 'Jeet St.' Outside Yankee Stadium"Bald Vinny" Milano says Derek Jeter also deserves a street named after him in the Bronx. And he's not just selling the idea -- he's selling the shirt.
How Will Fans React When A-Rod Returns To Bronx?Alex Rodriguez has been booed lustily since his season debut, except for when he was hit by a pitch Tuesday. Will it be more of the same at Yankee Stadium?
Chicago Fans Cheer After A-Rod Hit By Pitch; Girardi MiffedThe boo-birds came out in force for Alex Rodriguez again Tuesday. But then something different -- a swelling of cheers from the crowd in Chicago.
Bleacher Creatures Won't Ban Alex Rodriguez From Roll CallA-Rod was booed Monday in Chicago. It'll happen again Tuesday and Wednesday, and during his home debut Friday. Just don't expect any piling on from the Bleacher Creatures.
Should Yankee Stadium Bleacher Creatures Include Mattingly In Roll Call?"Why not?" Bald Vinny told CBS New York about the prospect of calling out Donnie Baseball. "Everybody seems to want it."
Rangers' McDonagh Visits Yankee Stadium Bleacher CreaturesRangers' McDonagh visited the Yankee Stadium Bleacher Creatures on Saturday.
Yankees' Chamberlain Tweets He's Set For Bullpen Session; Girardi: Really?Joba Chamberlain released news so fresh on Thursday that even his manager was caught off-guard.
Keefe To The City: Chat With Yankees Bleacher Creature Bald VinnyNeil Keefe is joined by Vinny Milano, who’s known as Bald Vinny of the Bleacher Creatures to Yankees fans, to talk about a new season at Yankee Stadium.

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