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Seen At 11: Canceled Checks Could Come Back To Haunt You

Stop-payment orders generally have expiration dates.


ATM (credit: CBS 2)

Seen At 11: Bounced Checks Could Land You On A Banking Blacklist

Bounced checks and forgotten overdraft fees can happen to anybody. But now, some banks are using those money mistakes against customers.


Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) (credit:

Rep. Maloney Calls For Crackdown On Excessive Overdraft Fees

Some elected officials and consumer advocates want to put banks in check when it comes to excessive overdraft fees.


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Ask Asa: The Safe Way To Bank By Phone

Smartphone apps are being made to make every facet of life easier. One popular trend in apps is banking by phone. Many banks now allow customers to conduct their banking via cell phone the same way that they would on a computer.