bath salts

A man allegedly high on Flakka darts through traffic naked in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, imagining he's being chased. (Credit: CBS2)

Experts: New Synthetic Drug Flakka Comes With Dangerous Side Effects

Not only is the substance highly addictive, but it can cause temporary insanity and violent outbursts, experts claim.


The popular club drug Molly (credit CBS 2)

State Begins Crackdown On New Form Of ‘Bath Salts’

State officials are hoping to cleanse New York City nightclubs of a deadly form of the “bath salts” drug.


Street Names For Synthetic Drugs (credit: Jim Smith/WCBS 880)

‘Bath Salts,’ Other Synthetic Drugs Banned In New York

It’s now illegal to possess or sell the drugs, punishable by fines of up $500 and potentially as much as 15 days in jail.


Synthetic Marijuana (credit: CBS 2)

New York Passes New Regulations Against Synthetic Drugs

The regulations expand the state list of prohibited drugs and chemicals and expose store owners or employees to criminal fines up to $500 and up to 15 days in jail, health officials said Tuesday.


Bath Salts

NJ Ban On Bath Salts, Known As ‘Pamela’s Law,’ Signed By Gov. Christie

Marketed as bath salts or incense, the powdery substances are snorted by users and mimic the effects of cocaine and methamphetamines.


Bath Salts

Schumer: Senate Closer To Banning Bath Salts

The bill would add MDPV and Mephedrone to the list of controlled substances. Thirty-four states including New York have banned bath salts already.


Bath Salts

NJ Assembly Panel Passes Ban On Bath Salts

A bill passed a week ago by the state Senate was cleared by the Assembly Health Committee. It now needs to be approved by the full Assembly before being delivered to the governor to be signed into law.


Bath Salts

Connecticut House Votes To Ban Chemicals In Bath Salts

An amendment was offered Friday requiring the state’s consumer protection commissioner to designate two chemicals used in the fake bath salts as Schedule 1 Controlled Substances.


Bath Salts

New York State Health Commissioner Bans Sales Of Bath Salts

The substance is most often sold in small convenience stores. It causes hallucinations, paranoia, delusions, suicidal behavior and violence as well as chest pains and increased blood pressure.


Bath Salts

N.J. Attorney General Paula Dow Announces Ban On Selling ‘Bath Salts’

Calling them an imminent threat to public safety, Dow has filed emergency rules designed to immediately ban the sale and manufacture of the synthetic drugs.


William Parisio (Credit: Union County Prosecutor's Office)

Was Cranford Man Accused Of Killing Girlfriend High On Bath Salts?

Investigators are awaiting toxicology results on William Parisio to determine whether he had been under the influence of bath salts when he allegedly beat his long-time girlfriend to death.


Sen. Charles Schumer (credit: AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Schumer Wants Ban On Drug-Like Bath Salts

U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer wants the federal government to ban new designer drugs known as bath salts that are legal in many states even though they pack as much punch as cocaine or methamphetamines.