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Website Maps Free Toilets For Those Looking To Answer Nature’s Call attempts to sign up businesses willing to make bathrooms available for free in order to lure in potential customers.


Rockaways residents say bathrooms installed after Sandy are falling apart. The city said the modular solutions are a work-in-progress. (Credit CBS 2)

Rockaways Residents: New Storm-Proof Bathrooms Are Falling Apart

Railings held together by duct tape, shaky steps, plastic wraps, and rust marked the brand new bathrooms. Residents said the new facilities are not what they expected.


(credit: CBS2)

Sree Tips: Best NYC Apps

There are hundreds of thousands of apps for your smartphone, but there are some that seem just right for New York.


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How To Make Bathrooms Work for Multiple People In New York

Check out these tips for making your shared bathroom work.