New Jersey Beekeepers Push Back Against Proposed Hive LimitSome New Jersey beekeepers are pushing back against proposed regulations that could limit the number of hives they own.
30,000 Bees Found Inside Walls Of New Jersey HomeThe bees are being relocated to a church in Rochelle Park that lost its hive this summer.
Expert Calls Attack By Cloud Of Bees ‘Very Rare’ As Beekeeper, Wife Leave HospitalA New Jersey neighborhood was on alert after a swarm of bees attacked a beekeeper, and his wife sending them to the hospital.
Residents Warned To Stay Inside While ‘Aggressive’ Bees Swarm New Jersey NeighborhoodAuthorities said a beehive was accidentally disturbed Saturday afternoon near Martis and Elizabeth avenues in Ramsey, New Jersey.
35,000 Bees Found In Ceiling Space Of Brooklyn ApartmentA mother and her son are still in shock after a few bees in their home led to the discovery of thousands more.
Swarm Of 30,000 Bees Found On Ledge High Atop Times SquareSome unwelcome visitors have appeared at the Crossroads of the World.
Las Vegas Exterminator Dies After Being Stung By Hundreds Of BeesA Las Vegas exterminator who was stung by bees hundreds of times has died weeks after the attack.
NYPD 'Bee Brigade' Ready For Sting Operations In NYCThe NYPD bee brigade gets sent on dozens of calls each spring and summer.
15,000 Bees Show Up In Tree Next To 'Float Like A Butterfly, Sting Like A Bee' Mural Across From Muhammad Ali CenterThousands of bees are making home next to a Muhammad Ali mural in Louisville bearing one of his most famous quotes.
Bee Keepers Anticipate Buzzing Business This Spring Thanks To Warm WinterThe bees have been buzzing early this spring, thanks in large part to our warm winter.
Bees And Butterflies Will Soon Be On Connecticut Legislative AgendaConnecticut will soon join the ranks of states seeking to boost the health of honeybees and butterflies, which has diminished dramatically over past years.
Mickey The Beekeeper Faces Danger On A Daily Basis In Brooklyn Every day is buzzing with danger for one Brooklyn man. He is a beekeeper who specializes in removing swarms and hives.

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